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  1. PS4 user feedback: I hate this event 0/10. Im an mr29 player and I am so sick of rng all the time rotation types and location need to be heavily regulated to certain location and never for ex abbc or ccab a solution would be abbcba and so forth. On console transference and the forced walking when you do is such a crazy loss of setup time and the distance can be so ridiculously far and so full of obstructions that it ruins the experience. Necramechs are horrible to pilot their engines suck and we don’t need to be running around in the crappiest version of warframe I hate it. P
  2. Try it in the sim nothing works kosma heavy gunners don’t care. He has zero hard cc and status affects don’t work the way they say radiating an enemy literally never works. You should know better if an enemy is firing or casting nothing stops them unless you rag doll them.
  3. My opinion PS4 player lavos I don’t know what can be done but the elemental infusions added to gameplay are complete garbage. They’re an extreme liability the hold functions time needs to be greatly reduced or some other button config needs to implemented. It’s just not fun to cast vial rush and then try infusing and get downed because your forced to walk out of vial rush and infusing takes so long because of the hold function. Even if we had the inverted casting like on pc now it would take to long to cast abilities. I feel like this was a good idea but it doesn’t reward the fact that I’ve al
  4. Stop convoluting the game just add the damn bounties at mother why make us try and have a squad stay for a second bounty. This is a waste of time just make it matchmakable.
  5. Man you guys really destroyed khora. Strangledome is useless if you can’t get the enemies ensnared on the other side of the wall. That interaction despite the bs nerf needs to always deal damage no matter where the enemy is ensnared. This was the most stupidest change especially when console could never run afk macros.
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