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  1. This specific glitch, is the most common glitch I've heard of involving this quest. And I've been dealing with it since its release
  2. Specifically, the mission that you borrow Roky's K-drive, once you hack the terminal, which you're supposed to defend, nothing happens and the objective says to hack the console. Even though I already did and nothing happened.
  3. I have now done all but 4 quests in warframe. Vox Solaris included. I would very much like to have this fixed because there are even NIGHTWAVE acts that I cannot do because I cannot freely access Orb Vallis until this quest is done. Meaning, I can't research certain things for my clan's dojo as they require items from Orb Vallis. Everyone in my clan has this EXACT same issue. I can't research the gravimag, I can't get the K-drive, i can't get Hildryn's pieces or the materials for her, I can't fish, or mine, or get the pigment needed for new colors. Myself and MANY MANY MANY others have been waiting for a fix. Just ask around on ps4 and see how many people are experiencing this glitch. Its not just me and my clan. Edit: now 2 quests left. Vox Solaris and Erra.
  4. How do they work? I watched the livestream that dropped nekros prime for an hour and didnt get it. I watched the live stream for ivara prime for an hour, am i gonna get the drop or is it a random drop chosen by the devs?
  5. I tried that. They told me that they don't do bug reports through tickets and to create a forum post, which I did on November 20th, almost two months ago.
  6. In other words, I know I can still finish the railjack, but that depends on someone else helping me. I've built my dojo to where it is now, with like a 4 player clan. We've been extremely independent. Something satisfying about doing it all on your own and not having to rely on someone else for help. Its just irritating to find out that if the railjacks final two pieces require items that can only be found in a location that I cannot access because of a quest glitch.
  7. The problem is the quest for Orb Vallis. Vox Solaris. The part where you use Roky's K-drive to get past the giant spider orb to get to the coolant tower. The terminal hack does nothing. I can't proceed to defend the terminal as nothing happens. I know I can get a ride. I've already asked a friend for help, though that's my last resort. But I made a forum about my problem about 2 months ago. I have been dealing with this quest issue for far longer than Rising Tide has been out. I have a crew that I play with normally and all of them are having the same issue. Because of this I can't get my own K-drive or the gravimag systems for archguns nor the copernics, and neither can they. This is so bothersome because I've reached out for a fix before empyrean was released.
  8. This is cool and all, but my vox solaris quest is still glitched. I can't access Orb Vallis is until its fixed. Which means I cannot even build a railjack until that's fixed. I know of at least 8 separate players with the exact same issue as I am having. Please fix so I can continue to enjoy Warframe. I've done just about every other quest with a few of the optional for the frames. However I can't keep up with the story now because of this.
  9. I can't finish building the railjack either because I CANNOT get into orb vallis. Will it be another year until this is fixed?
  10. I just realised that I cannot acquire the amp for the operator either. The quest, A Personal Favor, is also glitched. None of the objectives pop up when I leave Cetus. That's two quests that I cannot complete and some gear I cannot acquire because of that. These forums are the only way to report bugs and this has been a problem for many of us for quite some time. Yet these forums seem to never make a difference.
  11. Empyrean will be coming out soon for consoles, and I'm stuck trying to do something that was released several months ago. Myself and MANY MANY others are still stuck just trying to gain access to Orb Vallis. Myself and many others, I'm sure, have lost interest in even playing warframe when something so significant is right in front of us and we cannot access it. Please fix this DE. I've dropped too much money into Warframe to stop playing now. I just don't want to because you haven't fixed a script issue from several updates ago.
  12. Its been months for me. I find it hard to want to play warframe when the quest is glitched and I'm missing out on a hoverboard and an entire open world map. Someone I basically played the entire game with so far is having the same issue.
  13. Every time I get to the terminal to hack and defend, I hack it and nothing happens. Tried every possible solution from every previous forum. Still no fix. I can't get the k-drive let alone explore orb vallis. Anyone else atill experiencing this issue? Anyone have any possible fixes?
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