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  1. I love love love Nyx, but I feel like even though she has some nice utility here and there, she could use some boost to keep her in line with the rest of the frames who can adapt to the ever evolving meta. Her CC is good, but can be better. She is a CC frame at heart. She is not Ember, so all of her abilities don't need super damage. I just want more cohesion and synergy in her kit. I also want her to feel good regardless of whether you're going for normal or assimilate Nyx. As we all know, she can't rely on enemy damage to kill each other as they suck at that and DE will not change their friendly fire damage to accommodate Nyx. VALKYR can use her weapons and all of her other abilities while in Hysteria; Nyx's absorb needs similar treatment. Passive To have some synergy with Chaos, it would be nice if the accuracy debuff was increased with the more enemies are affected by her CC, so even if Chaos affected target looks at you there is a small percent chance he or she will hit you. Base 50% and with Chaos it's a 5% per enemy that is capped 90% debuff. Indicated on the top right. 1. Mind Control - Now has synergy with Absorb. 2. Psychic bolts - help the auto aim. It's a little all over the place. Increase the base number to 8. Let the max number increase with power strength. If you want to Sacrifice more range for strength then you're rewarded with more enemies that can lose their buffs, armor, and shields, so you can kill them with your gun or melee. I would change Pacifying Bolts to Propagating Bolts. The bolt jumps from target to target as you killed the enemies with the bolt embedded in them for a duration. 25 seconds base. 3. Chaos - Now has synergy with Absorb and Passive. Chaos Sphere also applies a random CC elemental proc to enemies inside every 2.5 seconds. Heat, Cold, Blast, and Electricity. 500 base damage. This ALSO affect the damage types absorbed by her ultimate. 4. Absorb - is getting overhauled. This ability is holding her back for so many reasons. Nyx now surrounds herself in a powerful pillar of psychic energy, and creates psychic aura field around her (25 meters at base). She can move. She can still be invulnerable, IF you have a [Mind Controlled target], as ALL incoming damage and status effects is transferred to the target, and can melee, shoot, and use her abilities. Enemies affected by Chaos who are also within the field get their own pillars and become absorb vessels. They absorb damage from you and your allies, but are not invulnerable. New Chaos targets within her aura will become new vessels to add to the damage pool. They attack each other still. Her Mind Control target emits a 10 meter aura that takes in incoming damage away from allies. The damage accumulated is not increased by power strength. All the damage accumulated by her and her dominated enemies are seen at the top right. This ability is 100 base energy. This is duration based (25 sec). At the end of the duration, Nyx and the affected enemies explode in a 12 meter radius at base. They each explode with the exact same amount of damage as the damage accumulated. It can be cancelled early if you want to blow up the area sooner. If there are no enemies affected by Chaos when she explodes, she will still blast the damage out herself within 12 base meters. The damage type is based off what went into it including damage you and your allies have put into it. Allies need to shoot her Chaos targets to contribute. She no longer gets more damage based off allies shooting her. Let me make this clear. I hate assimilate. I love the movement in Warframe and standing still/moving at 50% is god awful. I think Nyx could use some flow to her without relying on your Operator for movement. I would change this augment so that enemies no longer explode, and the health of enemies killed, while under affect of chaos, will have their essence sucked in and give her a health shield. Has a scaling cap based off enemy level. It's a BIG health shield regardless. It's similar to Rhino's Iron skin, but you have to be able to kill the enemy. You can't just activate it and get the health shield. You also can't reactivate your 4 until your health shield runs out. Abosrb is for Nuking. It always has been. It [is] a damage ability. It just sucks at doing it's job 90% of the time in comparison to other frames, and the scaling is poor for all the energy it eats up. It wasn't even that good as an oh crap ability. With this Assimilate is for tanking. With this idea you can move and tank. You're rewarded for having good weapons with you. Both Absorb and Assimilate give you a damage buff to your weapon. The current damage buff (post ult) barely last anytime at all, so you don't really feel rewarded by it. I would have the buff be 25 sec at base. Absorbs damage buff is based of what's absorbed while assimilate is based off the damage you put out get your health Shield. The damage buff now converts .01 of that damage (so it ramps up faster) and is now a [multiplicative] buff that caps at 150%. Is not affected by power strength. Affects your Primary, Secondary, and Melee.
  2. Currently we have to press 4 and move our reticle over the enemy to stack marks. Then we have to press 4 again to activate the clones, but wouldn't it make more sense for it to work like Ember's line of sight Inferno and then hold to put multiple stacks on the enemies you see?
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