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  1. For everyone who cant find the color picker its called Opal
  2. Switch gang AND by the way when will cross save be introduced to us because i want finally to play the newest version on pc
  3. Hello i am missing a saryn prime chassis if someone is willing to trade the chassis you can tell me and say what you need or if i dont have what you need i could make an offer
  4. Hello im already in a clan but want to change to Hangout decorate and so on and im active
  5. At one point it said ''today's drop brilliant eidolon shard'' and if you could get it by watching then i didnt get it And btw please make it that you can post shawzin songs and other who owns a shawzin can download it and play it himself
  6. They could atleast do console crossplay if pc is imposible
  7. Thats really sad to hear that because like i said nintendo switch is so empty i even never get a lobby on any mission only relict and those lvl 100 ones
  8. Thats so disapointing when a player joins and doesnt want to help like i needed help with eidolons because i need focus but then one guy saud he doesnt want to help because i ''ABSOLOUTLY NEED chroma prime'' And that my favorite warframe I want to play as is trash (gauss) like wow sometimes people are so selfish because they watch a tutorial
  9. Would be really cool if there is crossplatform because nintendo switch relais are so empty
  10. Always when i use the soeed boost i always get stopped because doors dont open quickliy enough the corpus doors are a bit good but grineer and other doors are just too slow and i hate when i rush to the end but then theres a door
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