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  1. that is at max rank. meaning. no more extra creds. nw intermission is restarting in August.
  2. I have reported this bug multiple times now and seems to be left unaddressed with each update. it happens when you try to dismount forward artillery too. sooooo disruptive especially if things are going bad. and in railjack, they usually are going bad.
  3. If did the correct order, the lich then fleed to Saturn proxima. that's where the final fight is now since the sisters of parvos update. bring a railjack, the rj objectives are usually easy. few fighters and 3 crewships. then you get in the galleon and where you finish him off. once you do, convert or vanquish option will appear.
  4. Thank you DE Helen. I'm going to try my best to answer your inquiry. with the micro sd cards, I'm not really sure what specs are what. but I have a Samsung evo select 128g. I Google it but the only info I got was 100mb/s? idk if that's what's needed. I play docked when playing warframe. and recently just been doing solo missions especially railjack. to the point where I encountered the bug, I cant recall the prior objectives before the extermination part of the mission, but I usually do POI first, then crewships, the security nodes in that order which ever is present. also, I use slingshot to delete the corpus crewship, its easier for me. then when heading to the main extermination obj, the enemy count to kill don't pop up. sometimes, I just get to the end and not realize that there's no objective kill count present. I tried to see if its consistent but I feel like I encounter the bug 50% of the time. teleporting (using omni tool) doesn't work. and only way out is either returning to dojo via menu or just force restarting the game. I hope that helps. you guys do great work :)
  5. not sure. I have fought 3 sisters. and I havent encountered the bug that ppl have reported
  6. Doing void Storm Exterminate sometimes start the extermination part of railjack without counters of enemies to kill. no matter how many enemies I kill, theres nowhere/nothing happening. omni call to railjack doesn't work either cuz the mission is in "progress" but the mission isn't working :( either I have to return to dojo and hope my progress is fine. or just restart the game
  7. idk if its just me. but everytime I modify my parazon, the images/icons for the requiem mods seems to not load. I have to hover to see what the icons are. I cant even see my progress at times. restarting seems to fix it but I think they just take a while to load? not sure. idk if anybody encounter this problem
  8. are the new galvanized buff suppose to show up in the top right with a buff counter like argon scope? I never really see em
  9. omg this bug still exist. whyyyyyy? I really enjoy railjack but this bug is really disruptive. getting out of pilot seat auto mounts you back to pilot seat having to dismount twice. and what's worse, it happens also in forward artillery. and bug animation is loooooooooong in one instance but having to do it twice makes me want to rage. and imagine having to kill 8 crewships. and it happens all the time. please fix this bug. this has existed ever since rj was launched. and if this game mode is getting pushed. and this disruptive bug being here still? idk what to do/say.
  10. have u tried holding ZL when following the pattern. it makes it like aiming.
  11. are the galvanized mod in the arbitration store? or in the rotation rewards like the arcanes and other mods.
  12. if u don't know the names of the requiem, hovering over them will tell u. just thought of that :3
  13. my guy, u need jahu, not khra. and like I said, if u can't get the lich with a mod, try changing the order of the mods. let's say the first one is jahu, netra, vome. if the lich runs away with that order. jahu isn't in the first slot. u wanna change it to maybe netra, jahu, vome. if that doesn't work, vome should be in the first slot. and the order of the last two slot is a 50/50 guess.
  14. in all seriousness, I think this is bad look for warframe. seems like new players are bugged at "restore comms" segment of the intro missions. theres a lot of people asking, "how to restore comms" or "how to start a mission" more than I can count. I tried, counted 5 just tonight. idk how long this has been going on but I noticed it a week ago or 2? ngl, I thought ppl were just dumb and can't follow instructions. but they influx of questions like the ones above is waaaaay to often to not notice. I'd fix it fast if I was DE. but idk. FeelsBadMan also, talked to a guy that was having issues like stated. asked him if he can restart game. and it seems to fix it. still a bad impression.
  15. u probably have the order of the mods wrong. idk if u tried to switch around the 3 mods that got revealed.
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