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  1. Too bad, I was hoping they adressed this issue in the lastest hotfix, but is still the same. This forced glow is starting to give me headaches. I don't want to turn off weapon FX because I like the effect, but this thing is pushing me to hide all of my heat melees in order of having a comfortable game session. Good bye to my cool fashion frames. 😓
  2. OMG! Thank You! Now I don't have to set up a timer everytime I get one or write down the hour when I got it anymore x3
  3. Not many people is commenting this, but I hope it gets fixed soon. I don't want to turn off weapon FX because I like seeing the elemental effect on melees, but after a while this weird glare gets annoying and irritating for the eyes.
  4. Well, glad to see you are having a good time. I got friends who have been farming the systems for months and they still have 0 of them, at least now they will have another option to get them other than defections, that can be frustrating ngl.
  5. And that, my friend, is why many tenno agree that lich system shouldn't be unlocked at MR5. The lich system is always time consuming, sometimes frustrating and you need patience to get what you want, but the sisters system literally feels like if we were playing a "liches for dummies" version. When I want to farm a lich, I usually planify how much time it will take and how I will do murmurs farm (nodes, frames, weapons, etc.) but for sisters... there's no planification at all. You can take a basic Excalibur with a MK1- Braton, enter a pub and the squad will reveal all your mods in minutes as easy as scratching a gift card. I agree that newcomers can have an opportunity to take a break of liches, but given how many lich weapons are available (that can take months to farm) in comparison to how few sisters weapons were introduced just to be rushed in mere days... something is wrong. A new feature shouldn't overshadow an already existing one just by being an easier option, especially when such feature is basically a copypaste of the first one, imho.
  6. I would ask for the contrary, increase the murmurs for sisters to same amount as liches. It's embarrassing how simple their farm is in comparison with liches. It took me 2 days to get enough kuva heks for 60% by valence fusion, while I know people who got every sister weapon, hound and ephemera in 4 days, because they literally take less than hour and a half to complete, which is dissapointing imo after being accustomed to the standard lich farm for years. Sister's murmurs farm is non-existant at all 😒
  7. The user above was talking about must have mods for an owned mech, not the broken ones. In that case, both are entrati crap 🤣
  8. Yeah, a wothless turd that can wipe out entire rooms of enemies, one/two shot necramechs, blow up eidolons and the main reason why liches were given a huge amount of dmg reduction after they were transfered to the railjack.... yeah, definitely a wothless turd.
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