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  1. I've just lost 38 minutes of my life because the "extract" button didn't work after round 20 of Gulliver, Phobos, and I failed on round 25. This is probably the thing that will make me ragequit for good, and it's definitely the thing that'll keep me from spending a dime.
  2. Go make a new account, pick Excalibur, and go straight into the plains without doing anything else first. Tell me how far you get before you wanna kill people.
  3. Because the game explicitly directed me to that specific zone. Most of the time, when a progression-based game dumps you out of the tutorials, it dumps you in a level-appropriate place. If it directs you to go to a specific place, that's usually a level-appropriate area. In this case, after finishing the opening tutorials, the game offers you the choice of doing whatever you want or going to the Plains, so I went to the Plains.
  4. Thanks, everybody. I guess I'll give some other missions a try. This brings up another point, however: I made this post sincerely expecting that it was the last I'd played of Warframe. The post was just meant as a courtesy for the devs, to help them analyze player retention. And yet, I wouldn't have gotten any of these tips if I hadn't made this post. How many players must have shared my experience and quit without speaking up?
  5. After having resisted since launch, I finally installed Warframe last night and was immediately hooked. It's a lot of fun, solo and with a pug! Quick missions are a blast. I can run through, do some killing, and 5-15 minutes later, take a break to get some coffee. The lootfest is better than most, and it's clear that there's a lot of progression to indulge in without wasting your life for no reward at all. The controls are very fluid, and it's gratifying to shove a sword through an alien's back like that. "Bullet jumping" is satisfying, and the ability to tumble is a big plus in tight quarters. Even the GUI looks amazing. I'm enormously impressed with the way some UI elements move around as you hover over them. However, as soon as I got past the initial storyline and into the Plains, I started encountering things that chipped away to the point where I don't think I want to play anymore. First was the Saya's Vigil quest. I've seen lots and lots and lots of forum posts, reddit posts, Steam posts, talking about the "kill all reinforcements" part of this mission. You kill them all, the circle is empty, you stand there for what feels like forever. I managed to use up all my revives getting picked off by those irritating skybug things that I haven't learned to shoot yet. It was only on my second run-through and like the 15th forum post that I discovered you have to kill the big ship with the gun emplacement. That's not at all intuitive. It's the world's simplest fix - add an element to that quest stage that says, "Destroy the dropship" - but it appears to have been a problem for at least two years and you guys haven't fixed it. This is not an encouraging sign. Nevertheless, I powered through. Did a few more missions, unlocked a gun and ran some of the noob missions a few times to level it up, plenty of fun. Next I decided to run some Plains bounties to unlock that frame I got the blueprint for from Saya's Vigil. So I take a bounty, enter the Plains, and I'm in a group that's already finished the first stage. I have to run 1200m to catch up. Along the way I am killed by the Eidolon or whatever the hell that thing is. I use my first revive. While I'm running my 1.2km, the team finishes the second stage and they're told to relocate. My waypoint moves. Still 1000m away. I get killed by the boss thing again. Now I've used two revives. Next a player dropped, so I had to wait for host migration. You guys can't do anything about that, but it came in the middle of being compelled to run and run and run and run and run and screw whoever decided I should have to spend this long doing nothing whatsoever. Finally, I caught up with my remaining teammates. This part of the mission was an escort quest. Fine. We kept up with the thing, killing stuff along the way. I was killed a third time, although at least this one came in battle, but I never saw what killed me. I was revived by a teammate, thank god. We finished the escort quest, got to the "defend" stage of the mission, and the whole place erupted in so many visual effects I literally could not see what was going on. No hyperbole, the entire screen consisted of nothing but fire and smoke effects for a good 10 solid seconds, and when it cleared, I was dead. This happened twice. At last, another teammate having dropped, we managed to finish this nonsense, and I got a popup from that NPC that indicated I'd completed the bounty. But that's it. No, "Exit the Plains." No direction, so I assumed I was done. Not wanting to run all the way back across the map again, I decided to exit the zone. Of course, it warned me that I'd lose completion rewards, but, having completed the bounty, what do I care, right? So I did, and my final screen was missing two mods that had shown before I "aborted" the mission. Clearly I was intended to run back across the map, another 1200m, just so as to keep a couple of dropped items. Final result: between the fact that I joined so late, was killed by things I couldn't see, and was such a low level relative to my teammates, I did a grand total of 7% damage and got no useful rewards. That's like 15 or 20 minutes of my life I'm never getting back. Running Simulator 2019 is not fun. It's the antithesis of fun. Being killed for no apparent reason is not fun. Going through all that without ever having the opportunity to do anything useful is absolutely not fun. Hence, I love this game, and I don't ever, ever, ever want to play again, because the experience I've just described has left me exhausted and, frankly, somewhere between frustrated with and angry at the devs who put me through it.
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