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  1. If you manage to keep your stolen Dargyn alive long enough, and shoot things for long enough, your stolen Dargyn will eventually actually rank up. Unfortunately I didn't manage to grab a screenshot of this. Seems to be without any reason though, so I'm reporting it as a bug.
  2. All Kitgun grips display same fire rate when browsing from Zuud. Example: Even though Haymaker is supposed to have minimum fire rate, and Gibber is supposed to have maximum fire rate, they both display a fire rate of 12.
  3. Happens to me as well. Luminos dye just goes straight down and away. No floaty business going on.
  4. Don't worry Mag-pie, here's before and after pictures of me and my Fiancee went to a haunted house here in little old Denmark. She plays as well, but she's not on the forums. Warning, after picture is a bit graphical!
  5. I've read through the thread, and gotta say. OP is onto something here.
  6. Would it help if I post one (more) first? You can get my beard in any angle you want, even including the beer gut and moobs, if that'll sweeten the deal.
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