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  1. i've got something in the works, so stay tuned i guess, also anti-archiving measures.
  2. i didnt expect on making another post here, but i've had some time to get myself back together, and while im not sure what or when i'll get back to work on Io, my prior breakdown ended up with me having fallen out a lot of other creators here and i dont have the same resources to discuss and develop concepts. just wanted to let you guys know im alright... i guess.
  3. sorry that there hasnt been any updates, real life comes first and all. but i've recently had an emotional breakdown, and dont know if i can continue on this. Thank you everyone who gave feedback and liked this concept, but this may be the last post on it. Take care my fellow tenno... i need some time in the void to recollect my essence.
  4. Hello, yes i know Io is a tile out of Jupiter, but i always thought that why did Europa get it's own planet while the other large moons didnt. So, heres to fixing that. Here is my Io planet and open world concept, its gonna take a while to flesh it all out, but i want to get started and continue to add upon and change as we progress. If parts feel empty, maybe i havent gotten to what i want to put there, or i got caught for time and will go back and add it later. I hope sincerely you (the community) like it, and bear with the spots that havent been finished yet; be sure to check the change
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