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  1. almost 2 months later, school got intense and i got into some other new projects... i just cannot see this get archived and forgotten, the necroposting is for me to keep a cinder alight in the wind
  2. anti-archive engagement. i should clean out the extra posts that are similar.
  3. Hello, yes i know Io is a tile out of Jupiter, but i always thought that why did Europa get it's own planet while the other large moons didnt. So, heres to fixing that. Here is my Io planet and open world concept, its gonna take a while to flesh it all out, but i want to get started and continue to add upon and change as we progress. If parts feel empty, maybe i havent gotten to what i want to put there, or i got caught for time and will go back and add it later. I hope sincerely you (the community) like it, and bear with the spots that havent been finished yet; be sure to check the changelog if applicable Io is one of the greater moons of Jupiter, falling into the trio with Europa, and Ganymede (Fluffywolf36 got this one covered). So, why would we be going to the most volcanically active planet in the entire origin system? Well, thanks to the "space magic" the Orokin employed that terraformed almost all of the planets in the Origin system, Io became a very hot densely forested swamp and jungle under a burning red sky, with Jupiter staring back at you from above. Io is a crossfire planet for what is down on its surface, with an independent faction calling it home that wants to keep its independence at any cost, against the Grineer and Corpus vying for control, and the Infested seeking to consume the surface, and the ancient Orokin proxies left in place to keep the infested in check. The Roadmap Where does Io fit within the Star Chart? Io sits between Jupiter and Saturn as a higher rank area in between Jupiter and Saturn, and accessible from both. Io Junction can either be unlocked from Saturn or Jupiter, regardless, Io junction contains a level 35 Oberon spectre that wields a Sybaris, and a Gram. Codex entries: IO: Io, a once hellish planet that has since been regulated by Orokin interference using terraforming practices that slowly attempted to stabilize the surface. However for all that volcanic activity, attempts to keep it frozen failed horribly, and the Orokin turned to the next best thing, power generation. Io is covered with massively dense jungles and swamps, with incredibly large thermal power plants that still function to this day, left untouched for the most part save for weathering experienced since the fall of the Orokin empire. Second Jewel: Io stands as a far cry from beauty, being covered in many active volcanic hotspots that spew out heat and chemicals either into the ground, air, or water. What earned its name as the Second Jewel stands as not a figure of beauty but of unmatched production, being the former central production hub for countless Orokin machines, ships, and the later groundwork for the Corpus faction's desire for wealth. Io's most important feature is the massive thermal power plants left in a large region of the planet known by the locals as the VMZ. The VMZ, The Corpus, and the Seeds of Rebellion: A several square kilometer region of the planet's surface is nothing but uncontrolled vulcanism, and storming fury brought on by never ceasing eruptions from the several volcanoes that call this region home. From the ground up, and inhospitable conditions, when the Corpus reclaimed the Jupiter system and its surrounding moons, they quickly set up shop with some modified Solaris, and brought the native populace to be under the heel of the greedy suits. One thing they didn't expect was the unwavering feeling and demand for sole independence for a now unified native people. Sparked on by the raging fires of both their home, and the crippling of key Corpus facilities, the People of Io have raised their hands with the help of the Steel Meridian and the Tenno, and have begun to reclaim not only their home, but their sister moon of Ganymede in a joint independence rally against the Corpus. Io, Fortuna, and the Rail: Io's prosperity has long hinged on the solar rails, and through the networks of Solaris rail operators, connections finally led to the face to face between the leaders of each faction's leaders, although there is still a lot of work to do after Io fully gains and keeps its independence from the Corpus before the forces at play with Ganymede's populace and those allied to Solaris United can make their moves to propel more planets into independence against the Corpus, and hopefully against the Grineer. Another play of note is the human and solaris smuggling off of Ganymede and Venus to Io has been to move those without hope, and a chance, to somewhere off the radar as notably before rebelling against the Corpus. Io was the hub of the wayward looking for a new life and work to do. Strangely despite the more grueling conditions on the surface, especially in the VMZ, augmentation of the labor was not a necessity, and many of those who are augmented coming to Io find parts cheap for repairs and an always caring servicing crew. Starchart: Io's star chart of tiles will all be the titles of Egyptians gods. In space, for both Archwing, Railjack, and regular ship missions will have standard space combat aesthetics, the same but with Io on its flank for planetary viewing. On the surface for non-VMZ missions, it'll be a combination of earth like wetlands nestled between rocky grey walls and volcanic pools here and there, crimson fluttereens dart about freely as well do Vulcan Pobbers; you'll occasionally also be running through collapsed orokin buildings lost to the jungles. Intro Story Quest: "Prometheus" (Archwing required, Railjack tbd if required) After completing the War Within/Sacrifice, and defeating the Ropalolyst you will receive a encrypted message giving you a set of coordinates that will take you to the Io tile of Jupiter, except something has changed. Upon viewing the star chart Ordis will exclaim an error with Io has disappeared off the star chart, but that there is activity in the area. Upon arrival the Corpus will be engaged with an unknown force combined with the Steel Meridian fighting over the planet's "air" space. The player(s) will be asked to aid in repelling the corpus forces so that a safe path can be charted to the planet. After an impromptu extermination and sabotage mission against the corpus and a warning from Nef Anyo that this will not be the end of it Tenno, you will return to orbit and receive a communication from Falk explaining the situation and to meet him on the surface for a meeting; when you select on the star chart again it will return you to the Jupiter screen with Io's tile returned with the quest symbol but blinking red, when highlighted it will say "Operational Base Kodai, Io". When you arrive, you'll not arrive on a corpus tile set, but you'll approach a base lodged into the side of an inactive volcano, in cutscene you can see workers and soldiers running around in the rain tending to sensitive matters and gearing up for another fight with the Corpus. Upon your warframe landing you'll be greeted by Falk directing and ordering around people. After a small exchange about the situation and what he's doing, he tells you to go meet with his staff, the rest of the IPG. After you've done that you return to him where he begins to break down the newest problem in their airspace, the Grineer have overwhelmed some of the Corpus forces and are attempting to claim Io for themselves. You're told to go keep them at bay while he can redirect the forces to keep them from invading, you have to return to your orbiter and select the Io tile once more for a new crossfire archwing mission against the Grineer. Once you finish Sagas Ruk will angrily tell the Tenno that he will return, to claim the Star of Io for himself, which will prompt a small discussion between the Operator and Ordis about that it means and that they need to talk to Falk about it. Returning to star chart (again) will allow you to return to OBK to speak to Falk who admits to the so called "Star" to be the network of power generators that once powered the entire Orokin empire before void power became easy enough to synthesize, and that the Corpus were about to get them back online before your dealing with the Ropalolyst inspired an uprising on the planet. He'll send you out to the open world to first locate the main tower and plant a beacon on it, then he'll ask for you to go to the lava lake that holds the Bones of the Lost Conqueror and reclaim an item from a recent Corpus wreckage before the boiling stone consumes it. Once you arrive a corpus salvage team takes off with the item of interest, which prompts Falk to exclaim "get to that ship now, they cant leave orbit!" Upon quickly getting the mission complete or a straight shot to space in the orbiter you'll arrive to a corpus galleon that is radio silent, which prompts Ordis to exclaim its far too quiet for a vessel of this size. Once you enter you'll find corpses of crewman scattered about and the lights turned orange as a broken voice comes on over the PA system, a rogue cephalon, Tavokk, has stolen control of the corpus proxies and then the ship. Falk will quickly explain that the Star of Io was the codename of the a cephalon buried in a deep vault beneath the Bones of the Conqueror, and that the Corpus had dug him out, now to keep Io safe, and more importantly the origin system, was to reclaim the core and seal it away in the vault. After fighting through to the core Tavokk will lightly explain what he is, and why he must return to his post for the now dead Orokin empire, being its all powerful guardian against threats, but since the Orokin are gone, he has become horribly corrupt. Destroying his core would be an option, but to lose an orokin defense matrix Cephalon, that would be tragic, but you could always force it to serve you, since you are Tenno, one of the void children. In a Sun, Twilight, Moon decision you can unplug him(S), destroy him(T), or have him obey the Tenno(M). Destroying the Cephalon it ends there leaving Falk Saddened at losing a relic, forcing him to obey you will allow you to see him off into deep space to begin plans to properly secure the origin system at an unknown cost with Falk questioning your motives for doing it, and unplugging the Cephalon will force the ship to self destruct and return to Io with the core in hand with Falk cheering you for "doing the right thing". The quest ends there for destroying and controlling the Cephalon, but you will have to talk to Falk to finish the quest proper where he wont approve of your actions but that he still needs your help for keeping Io secured, recovering the core allows for a different ending where you fly back out to the vault and return Tavokk to his prison, where upon leaving you'll be greeted by the man in the wall claiming you should have let the great weapon live free before vanishing. You return once more to Falk to collect your reward. Once you return to orbit, there will be a new section of your star chart for Io as its own planet, involving a new relay, new missions in space and on the planet, the OBK and VMZ tiles, to further access the planet you must clear the newly activated Io junction in the place of the former Io tile. Event Quest: "Operation Skyfire" A rotating event where the corpus and the grineer quickly get back to going at it hard over Io, and you'll be tasked with cleaning up the mess by eliminating key targets in railjack, archwing and on tiles and the VMZ. Gaining Ioan currency to trade in for event rewards, functions like the rotating Plague Star and Thermia Fractures events on PoE and the Vallis respectively. Special completion reward is Falk's magnum pistol: "Liberty". Demographics: Io's populace has always been mixed with whoever is willing to look for work, but as of recent decades there has been a general increase of solaris, fortunans, and other folk who escaped or paid off their debts. Although there is contention from more conservative Ioan natives, most of them are always looking for hands to keep things in check, no matter their background, whether escaped debtors, freedmen, rogue soldiers, and other groups running away looking for a new life when where they came from wants them dead or they have nothing back there. The Environment: The Io moon is an oddity when it comes to the biome regions, sporting very few and unique regions. The surface is mostly covered in dense mangrove rainforests that stretch all around the equator region. The second most common biome is a volcanic prairie, covered in tall grasses and sparse in drier rainforest trees, geysers, hot springs, and tarpits. The third are the polar mushroom forests, with this polar region being the only place ice forms on Io naturally, tall fungal towers grow from the dry, cold rocks, and the heads of these mushrooms shade the ground below from the sun. There also exists some other biomes, like the dry mountains and the paired singular desert on its rain shadow, three great lakes or seas where the water is too deep for mangroves to reach the bottom, a physical icecap on the southern hemisphere, and the volcanic mountains between the great range. A majority of the surface is submerged in water, with the exclusion of the land above sea level, and the composition of this water is extremely chemically rich with compounds like sulfur, iron, methane, and oxygen from the seeps found scattered in any volcanic hotspot that is submerged by water. The Open World: The Volcanic Mons (Zone): Rugged and bled from large peaks, the Volcanic Mons or VMZ for short by Ioans, is a desolate land carved clean between large barrier mountains that push into the clouds; though some dense clusters of what could only be described as oasis jungles. Is the central hub of production from formerly the Corpus and before then the Orokin. High altitude plateaus make up most of the flat land, and these plateaus sit at the tops of blown over formations either along the crest of the barrier mountains, or along the hot river basin raising out of the lava pouring down the slopes and hills. There exist plenty of natural foot paths between the levels of the plateaus and down and up the slopes they rest along, some are wide enough for vehicular travel while others are almost too narrow for a single person. Some of these plateaus are connected via naturally forming bridges made from cooled lava flows and land that has given way under erosive stress. Additionally there are man-made paths and bridges, some using a specially made concrete who's recipe is a deeply kept recipe only known to the native Ioans, and the bridges made from the same material as all Orokin structures. There are three Orokin power stations within the VMZ, as well as some Corpus installations set up and are some of the last foot holds the Corpus have on Io. Most landmarks are particular landmarks, like the Decanter flow, a massive flooding network of lava run off pooling into one massive lavafall, the Spire, a massive singular pillar jutting out of a low level plateau in the middle of a the central massive lava lake. There are large permanent lake bodies that seem to despite all odds in the scorched environment exist and thrive in sunken basins away from directed heat of storms, as well as numerous caves containing water reservoirs that aren't chemical soup. The last few important landmarks are, the aforementioned super lake filled with lava that spans the central depressed region of the VMZ, and spans off into several downhill rivers that lead underground, and uphill flows that drain into it from cascading rivers of lava or from lavafalls. And finally the Bones of the Lost Conqueror, the charred skeleton of an Old War sentient brought down by an unknown force and left to burn in the smaller lava lake in the north eastern region of the VMZ. There are a variety of caves that go deep into the plateaus and mountains, as well as the scattered and buried bones of Corpus wreckage's that can be explored for resources, lore, and the spelunking achievement. The Biosphere: Io's wildlife and plantlife in the VMZ is adapted to the heat and volcanic slopes, the animals feeding on minerals and the sparse vegetation that grows on the exposed rocks, and the occasional animal if available; and the plants growing thick mats of grasses and lichens across the main VMZ, but additionally a few small patches of rich jungle . Of course there are many small animals like pobbers that make up the base of the predatory food chain, but other than a new pobber variant, there will not be any small game finds from either open world. *In the fish department, I havent exactly figured what would be found in the non-acidic lakes found throughout the VMZ. (C)[catchable],(U)[ambient/uncatchable],(U/C)[catchable, but no incentive/lure to do so] Vulcan Pobber(C): A reddish grey pobber subvariant that is part of the base of the food chain, it doesnt smell like other breeds, actually it smells like a tropical fruit. they don't much deviant from their Vallis brethren in form, except a noticeably thinner coat due to the heat. Crimson Fluttereens(U): Small grove flying birds endemic to the forests of the VMZ on Io, peruse the dense greenery in the safe forests looking for fruits and nuts to eat. They have a melodious call that is soothing to the ears, and their regal ruby and emerald feathers make them the prize of any interested party. However due to their abilities to camouflage into the thick woods of the VMZ, capture, conservation, and study are extremely hard to do, and Torra recommends to leave the birds be, as long as their forests arent attacked by either the Infested or the Corpus in the region. Japylyx(C)(Distul, Magmerr, Valeien): A small to medium herbivore that prowls up and down the steep walls and slopes of the VMZ, scrounging for new food sources buried by the ash and pumice. They are extremely skittish and will flee quickly upon detection, bounding away until it can get to safety within a hidden alcove. Unlike some other endemic life conservation, where the sound of a mating call can lure out the animal in question, Japylyx stay within a herd of 3-4 individuals lead by a male, and they ignore the usual extra-group mating calls. Males are aggressive to intruders and will attempt to protect the herd, however if the male is killed or tranq'd the females will quickly scatter. Males are distnguished by their larger and more ornate horns. Distul Japylyx are brownish grey in color, and browse the upper plateaus and around the safe forests looking for something to eat. Magmerr Japylyx handle the lower plateaus, near the lava rivers, having a scalier red black appearance than their Distul cousins, but they are nearly identical. Valeien Japylyx are a rarity, appearing only during storm regions, having ash grey bodies with a black back, lined with blue luminescent markings along their bodies, they are more passive to other wildlife in the VMZ, and wont immediately flee to the presence of your warframe. Fangrilmaw(U/C)(Stone, Scorch): A reptile that burrows itself in the sediment and rocks of Io, and wait mouth agape for something to foolishly step onto it and clamp down. The problem arises as this creature is labeled a common pest, and that the best it can do to humans and larger animals is just sock itself around the leg that stepped into the Frangilmaw's mouth. They are all over Io, and have a low research and conservation demand. You can catch them, but there isnt much of a reason to. They have an average iguana like body with the difference being an extremely large mouth that can open up to 180 degrees filled with small teeth that can barely break through the skin of humans. A note of warning, you will have your mobility cut in half for having a Frangilmaw around one of your legs, and will stop your pets in their tracts, however a quick shot at the creature (don't have to injure it) is usually enough to get it removed. Nicknamed "Snappers". Phantix(C)(Marble, Ebony, Phantasmal): A skittish mammal that is nicknamed the ghost of the mountains, resembling a hybrid of a traditional wolf and lynx from earth before the big genetic tampering of the Orokin. They are nimble creatures that prefer to stay out of sight of everything but prey, however they are extremely solitary and pairs are only ever seen during the late spring mating season down in the plains on the outside of the VMZ. They have a long resonant howl that can be heard clear cross the VMZ, and on some nights, the entire VMZ is lit up with these ghostly howls from Phantix coordinating territory. They have a wolfish body with a more feline head and paws, a short stubby tail, and the color pattern of a lynx. Between the variants, is just the more base color, matching the namesake. Phantasmal Phantixes are ghostly white in color and have almost no other pigment in their fur, save for some darker stone colored markings around their paws. Autolix(C)(Marble, Ebony, Phantasmal): A pack mammal, and the suspected closest cousin the Phantix has, being of similar body types, however Autolixes are more wolfish in their body plan and social behaviors. It is recommended to study a pack at a distance as they are extremely quick and can rush down an unsuspecting individual. Staying within packs of 4-6, it is recommended to have a plan B if studying them goes awry. They have similar color schemes to Phantix. Oregut[Or-eh-guht](C)(Striped, Spotted, Ruby): A cousin of the Valis's Bolarola, the oregut is a larger and more well armored animal, grazing on the lowland grasses and lichens, but getting most of its nutrition from consuming the rocks of the VMZ. It has a sturdy shell made of minerals, that comes either in a spotted or banded appearance of different elements in the armored shell, mixing in white, yellow, red, green, dark blue, black, and purple colors into the bands or spots. A special variant called the Ruby Oregut shows up from time to time, having its shell being made of the gemstone of the same namesake. When threatened, it simply lies down on the bank or plateau it was on and waits for whatever is threatening it to pass, the large and thick mineral shell is hard like steel, and is just about impervious to any attack, however the weight and size prevents it from rolling away like Bolarolas, however its belly is still it's weakpoint for tranquilizing. Cantrix(C)(Sandy, Dusty, Crimson): The apex predator of the VMZ, a large mountain climbing lion like animal with teeth like reinforced metal sheers that can dig into thinner sections of an oregut's armor. It is solitary like the Phantix, however the shyness is absent and will chase prey across the VMZ, even up and down vertical walls. They have a linear spotted pattern like snow-leopards, and range from a sandy brown-yellow like traditional earth lions, to an urban grey/concrete color, or a deep volcanic red. Unlike the other mammalian animals of the VMZ, Cantrix are marsupials, and pair off for life, males almost always venturing out to hunt while the female is within their mountain dens nursing the young cubs. It has a strong similarity to the body plans of late Eocene thylacenes like Megantereon and Thylacoleo, fused teeth that resemble shears, exceptional climbing abilities, and the size to rival modern big cats. The VMZ and the Cycle: Io's accessible ecological region, the VMZ has the basic cycle of Calm to Storm. Calm is the neutral state, when the volcanoes aren't extremely active, and the occasional albeit sporadic strike of lighting across the sky. When the Storm hits, the clouds thicken enough to blot out the sky with billowing red darkness, lighting cracks and arcs from cloud to cloud, and burning ash, sediment and pumice come raining down from the sky, bathing the already burnt and scarred landscape with heat and fire that quickly damages warframes without a cryobooster active. Unique to the firestorms are the eruption plumes, which are cascading down the slopes of a particular albeit randomly erupting volcano, that destroys anything in its wake as its coming down, although measures are in place to inform operatives and the Tenno of which mountain is lighting up right before the storm begins to get clear of the blast zone. Rain is a perfect constant on Io, although there are small dry spells after every eruption in the VMZ, the land is permeated by the gentle sound of rain and hissing steam washing over the charred rocks and obsidian formations. Importantly to know there are a few safe areas that are permanently safe from the volcanic eruptions during the storm period, either through luck or engineered circumstances. Grand Sibus Rail: A railroad trail built by the Corpus during the first few years of their occupation to haul coolant out and supplies back, was hijacked by the military forces of the IPG and is under their control. Used now to move troops and supplies, to move coolant, and resupply the other forward operational bases. It stops at Kodai, and stations and Operating Base Conqueror, as well as follows a circuitous line that spans all of the VMZ. The Tenno can catch a ride out to any particular stop or hop on while in motion to use it as safe transport, however the Tenno must get a requisition badge to hop on the train while out in the field, lest the defenses attack them. Mission Types: Field (random occurrences) [intro voice cues] Supply Jack: Normal: "Targets have been identified hauling important cargo across the VMZ, disable them and prevent their allies from getting it back, marking targets and their destination on your map now. Give them hell Tenno!" - Falk Eruption Zone: "Look, we're on a time crunch, we've got eyes on a target in the direct path of an eruption that's coming soon. Get there asap, and recover those supplies before either they get secured by the Suits, or they're destroyed by the pyroclastic flow. I'm Counting on you to get this done, good luck." - Falk 1 "We got ourselves a hotbox target, marking it on your map now. Don't let those supplies fall into enemy hands or get destroyed, we're counting on you Tenno." - Falk 2 "This a nightmare, a target on our radar has begun to accelerate it's transit. Problem is they're running through the eminent eruption path of (Volcano)'s pyroclastic flow, you gotta kill those Corpus, secure those supplies, and get out ASAP. Marking it on your map, we really cannot afford to lose those supplies, Falk out." - Falk 3 Disable Target: Normal: "Tenno, Falk has informed me to alert you to a Corpus asset out in the field that needs to be disabled, why he didn't do it himself I'll be ever unsure of, but its here in [this region], and is currently being occupied by a weak/average/well-sized/strong garrison of troops, be mindful when taking the point. As soon as you kill the guards, and begun either destroying the asset or sabotaging it, the Corpus will send back-up troops to keep you from achieving your goal. Guinn out." - Guinn Eruption Zone: "Tenno, look alive. We got an important target in [this region], and it's about to become shielded from the incoming pyroclasm. Disable that asset, before the Corpus can get use out of it. Falk out." - Falk Reclaim Drone: Protect Caravan: Recover Field Supplies: Disrupt Operations: Operating Base Kodai: Kodai is the forward operating base in keeping the VMZ staffed and under a protected eye, but as of recent days has been the field command center for all forces fighting the Corpus on and over Io. It is a platform drilled into one of only three mountains in the VMZ long since quieted, and houses all important figures for the ecological preservation resources, military command, and engineering research. The IPG: The Io Provisional Government is the main faction the Tenno will be dealing with while on Io. It was setup following the initial bid for independence under leadership that wanted to keep Io as a vassal state to the Corpus, and when the bid failed and the conspirators were brought to trial. Leadership was quickly given to Falk who made the bid to play nice until supplies could be accrued fairly to instigate for independence, and as of late with a declaration of Operation Skyfire by the Corpus, it seems Falk has riled up the hornets nest. The members of the IPG that are important are: Warframes: Field-Boss Unlock: Yrza: The Desolation Wanderer, Role: caster tank. (pronc. Year-Zuh) Boss Unlock: Nikolaus The Master of Storms, Role: Caster Post-Quest/Field Unlock: Sambor: The Razorback, Role: marksman/tank Notices: Asterisked (*) sections are in full revision for the duration of the iteration, they will be completed when i can get around to them; TL;DR, wip Changelogs: 8/27/2019: 2.2.0 Launched (BIG FINALLY) 9/16/2019: 2.2.0a1 typos fixed, revising some of the faction members has begun, added new railroad component. 10/3/2019: 2.2.0a1a (micro update to add new Bio-research lady. more later, just been busy sorry everyone) 10/21/2019: 2.2.0b1. Typos and punctuation fixed, started field mission types for the VMZ, plans to add more mission intro and descriptors. NEEDED: Mission type details and hub mission objectives. 11/7/2019: 2.2.0c. Finished IPG/Important npc list and included vendor statuses. 11/21/2019: 2.2.1a. cleaned up some typos and poor punctuation. cleared up information on the Spire faction, begun revising warframe information, including to add a description and a short blurb. New warframe: Nagash: The Rainfall guardian, the quiet vigil of the weary and downtrodden. one of the three guardians of Io, the only one to uphold his duties until death. Avzla has been in limbo, but his kit is complete and has just not been implimented, but that is soon to change. 12/12/2019: minor tweaks in wording in the roadmap, renamed corpus troops from Nyiona to Valiyana 1/13/2020: first update of the new year, and i added the basic animals you can find throughout the VMZ. like the animals on the Plains, most of them can be found wandering around the VMZ passively. The exceptions are the Phantix, and Cantrix who must be drawn out of hiding, all of the animals except the Flutereen and Fangrilmaws have lures and pheremones. and of course, their accompanying Floofs 1/30/2020: spaced out animal names for better readability, and started to fill in avzla's mini-blurb, i'm going to spend time and make a full warframe forum post so you can get a fuller read outside of the core Io post. 2/11/2020: forgot a birthday update for the 15th of january, but 2.3.0 has gone live, and with it the starting quest and the "seasonal" event quest. Starchart rough added, as well as rough imagery of surface tile missions. Minor formatting fix between animals and items in list. Next will be resources. 9/20/2020: I'm screaming that there is such a massive delay in update notes: Avzla renamed to Yrza, Yrza given his proper kit. Nagash replaced again, Nikolaus given his kit; Sambor is planned for a rework. The Spire has been removed; discussions with fellow creators have made it apparent that as is The Spire would detract and add extra complexity to Io; alternatives suggested would be putting combat telemetry as a mission reward for trade in for rep and that is earned through mission rewards (similarly to debt bonds for Fortuna), or as a global system under a syndicate like Steel Meridian or a new reward for Arbitration. Sorry for such a long delay; I'm glad to be back... sorta. Archives: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1zSMZAfINC5QnujD16EcYNYYGPydQ1VRQ1jQWMKinSoE/edit?usp=sharing
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