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  1. where have I been? dead for the most part, I've partially lost my drive to play warframe, and I need some time for other independent projects. i'll go through and do bumps and text edits when I can, but i'm in stasis for the foreseeable length of june.
  2. this upcoming week is finals, no update. after that, summer, and as many updates as I can.
  3. I need some second opinions, the current cycle is wet/dry, but I want to consider the possibilities of a blackout storm and normal weather, where the blackout renders light absent like night and the heavy storm makes non-sheltered outdoors hazardous... with the Wendigo coming out to be a raid fight.
  4. really good, although i'd try a different look than Feyarch Oberon's skirt for the waist hanging.
  5. hooray! big update, 2.1 has been reached here's hoping for more
  6. sorry to everyone expecting an update within the past week or so, life has been giving me more hell than its worth. I cant make promises, but i'll try to crank something out soon. finals are coming up for me and i feel absolutely drained creatively.
  7. I mean, its fine as is. needing some descriptive tweaks more than anything, not massive scientific and reality obeying laws. this is SCIENCE FANTASY!
  8. lets completely ignore the Orokin's attempt to freeze Io like Venus, and that failed leaving a massive amount of water that was seeded with life, cause that's the Orokin for ya.
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