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  1. Fluffy plz, we've played concept badminton on both Ganymede and Io. Besides, you're doing great work so far.
  2. cant do much more for today, though i may go and fix and add more later today if i can.
  3. no problem, you should work on this a bit, should probably spitball who does what.
  4. content coming soon: Avzla, initial details on Operation: Skyfire, and new Io Faction and people
  5. so I died, i'm better now, but school and work is giving me little time to sit down and work
  6. pending changes, should next update be around more of the world itself or the active rebellion going on at the present time?
  7. imagine a cowboy/bandit with twin bandoleer of double roped chains and spikes coming off in some places also this meh quality doodle i did on my way to Tennocon (why did the forums rotate it?) (medium, pen on a napkin)
  8. I didnt want to reply to this right away, namely because I have been the epitome of that gif where the cat scoots forward and back readying for a jump but not taking it. Sambor is supposed to be a rifleman tank, able to scrape up and take hits, but also not being as in your face as Inaros or Nidus who excel in close combat where as Sambor is supposed to be the midfight, able to handle the front when it comes, but otherwise staying best from the direct fight. from my own notes, i have changed entirely the 4th ability to just being a refuse to die like ability, and also the flavor text of the third removing the damage resistance but increasing healing potential. reason why i was wholly on the fence on replying is YUSH! im actually updating Io to 2.2
  9. update: school got back in and well, need to make sure my time is managed properly, although I should have now better dedicated time to working on things. also I have a browser virus that just wont be scrubbed clean, so i'm constantly having to reset my default browser and its pretty awful.
  10. instead of saying its coming I just need to darn well sit down and get the update out. I blame heat exhaustion for lack of enthusiasm.
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