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  1. decided to buckle down and push changes on warframes and remove the spire... though... i may bring it back as a separate mechanic... time will tell.
  2. School got back in, i know there hasnt been updates in a while... I almost let this get archived. Io is still a passion project for me, but currently I just do not have the energy to work on it like it used to; especially with 18 hours currently for the semester and getting back into regular streaming.
  3. another month, though, I think im ready to get back to work on this, sorry for the hyper hiatus
  4. a month later: still depressed, no updates, this suck... sorry to not be providing content for you guys.
  5. Hello, yes i know Io is a tile out of Jupiter, but i always thought that why did Europa get it's own planet while the other large moons didnt. So, heres to fixing that. Here is my Io planet and open world concept, its gonna take a while to flesh it all out, but i want to get started and continue to add upon and change as we progress. If parts feel empty, maybe i havent gotten to what i want to put there, or i got caught for time and will go back and add it later. I hope sincerely you (the community) like it, and bear with the spots that havent been finished yet; be sure to check the change
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