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  1. ok i dont understand the point of them adding an exilus slot to weapons,for example my fulman that i forma'd like 6 times,its maxed out no points left and now i have an extra slot? dev's if your going to add extra slots you should also add some extra point capacity to go with it.
  2. yeah my thoughts exactly lol,i accidently got my lich just doing a random mission before the patch came out,i killed something and it died strangely i was like wtf? then boom.lich i guess ill just ignore the dang thing,even tho it freaking chimes in on every log in lol
  3. like i didnt even want to start my lich yet as i have story missions i have not completed yet,i went on a regular old mission and bam! all of a sudden i have a lich that i didnt want,and this was before the patch,but there needs to be a way to opt out of doing it or something,its like a forced game mode and i dont like it at all,i mean maybe it will be fun once i completed the story line and am MR 20's but right now i was just having a blast going at my own pace,now im hounded by a dang lich i didnt want in the first place.....
  4. LOL yeah no i got rid of limbo as fast as i maxed ranked him hehe
  5. cool yeah would love to see a decent build
  6. had it happen in a few missions but havent checked since the recent patch,going to give it a try again now,ill let you know how it goes. ok so seems its working fine now,not sure if the patch did anything or not but its fine now so time to get my bow on lol!
  7. ok i understand it now i think,thanks for the info!!
  8. i just started to use the Dread Bow and wtf? like it only sometimes hits an enemy,other times it just passes through them without damaging them,ive tried aiming,holding the aim still the same.
  9. offering you mean like the rank up thing? and im def using a sigil just did another mission and still no points..:(
  10. ok so im negative 44k in most of the syndicates,so i equipped a sigil did some missions and still negative 44k? so how can i increase standing with a given syndicate? i been using arbiters of hexus sigil for like 3 days now and it hasnt done anything at all.Also if i dont have a sigil for a certain syndicate and am negative standing how can i increase standing with them? is there a way to just get rid of them all together? if i knew it was like this i wouldnt have started any of them really.
  11. trade is messed up again like you can inv the person to dojo but the trade thing doesnt see them.
  12. been getting network not responding message off and on for the last 2 hours and cannot do any trades,everything else seems to work fine tho other than that message keeps popping up.
  13. OH nevermind lol must have been a delay or something, i checked my mail in game and it was in there finally.
  14. i completed the Chains of Harrow quest and did not receive the blue print for harrow,is that normal? i read on the wiki that you do get the BP when you complete it so idk whats going on there.
  15. thanks everyone for the tips! i have a renewed confidence thanks to you guys! i cant believe i forgot about the practice place lol i will do that for sure.
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