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  1. This is tied to particle system quality in display settings. It needs to be set to medium or above for the bouncing flak to show.
  2. Nightwave challenges are still showing as incomplete even after finishing all Sunday night.
  3. Nightwave has reset for me too. Finished everything last night and now they all show as incomplete.
  4. Melee attack disables sprint toggle. Is this intentional? Not super fun having to keep activating sprint after a swing. Update: After further testing with the melee weapons I own it seems only the fang prime, nikana prime and ninkondi prime are deactivating the sprint toggle after a swing. Tested with all stances with same result. Would assume there are weapons I don't have causing the same bug.
  5. Restarted everything, still no kuva flood relics.
  6. On Caracol, Saturn the thrall is a defector and can't get murmors. After several mission completes the node still shows as red/controlled. Update: Letting the defector die allows you to collect murmor and complete the node.
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