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  1. GAMMA "Calculation complete. Option one most time efficient. Waypointing new location."
  2. GAMMA The immediate Grineer issue taken care of. That is optimal. However, same couldn't be said about the closed door and blocked access to the console. "Calculating options. Cursory calculation complete." There are at least three options. The Cephalon procees to inform their squad mates -- including Insali who they attempt to contact over decrypted short-distance signal that would fade away quickly as distance would increase. "Three solutions (minimum) available. One, find another way to a console, I am processing a route. Downside, route not quaranteed to be efficient. Two, attempt to break this door. Downside, the door is durable. Three, using the operative on the other side of the door as a link to hack into the console they can now reach. Downside, it is not as efficient as direct plug-in. What is your decision, operatives?" While talking, Palutu is working more on background. The Cephalon uses the map to seek the route to next possible console, seek the structure of the door, and evaluate the pros and cons of trying to hack into the console remotely using Insali.
  3. Hi! Having been a frequent user of the recruitment chat (mainly for void relic shares), I got some improvement ideas for the chat: Item links: Indicator for whether or not you own said item. For example, if the chat links an item that you own, it could be shown in bold text, or have a different color, or something similar, to differentiate them from items that you don't own. It could be handy with relic shares to be immediately able to see if you own said relic or not without needing to click the link to see it. It could be especially useful if you are farming and cracking open relics in masse and your relic stock keeps changing all the time. Relic share recruitment: Automatic filtering. Sometimes I feel like seeking relic shares, sometimes not, sometimes I'm just looking for something to do and want to have everything. Most relic share recruitment posts are easy to identify, as they normally contain a link to the said relic. So, what if the player could toggle one of three options on the recruitment chat: relics only, no relics, both relics and non-relics? Depending on what the player is fancying at the moment. Filtering the chat to have only relevant information could be nice, as the post pile up there a lot and now one gotta be sharp to keep eyes on when something interesting is there. More advanced relic share recruitment: Tagging relics. So the idea would be like this: You have set of relics, refined or not, and you want to participate a relic share. However you don't want to spend a lot time staring the chat, hoping to find a party to join there, and you'd actually like to have a mission or two instead of sitting like a duck. Here comes the solution: Tag the (owned) relics you want to intshare or radshare, and when someone in the chat (or in a more evolved system) mentions said relic, you get a ping and can go to view said chat message, and then you can decide if you want to message the sender and ask about the relic share. Similar system could work also for other items, like "hey I want to farm [Harrow Systems], anyone in?" These ideas would require the chat users actually using the item links so the info could be used. Or then there could be a more advanced recruitment system that bases on the items/nodes people tag. Anyway, the more I get to play and less to stare the chat, the better!
  4. Thanks for the reply! I'll then make Palutu to advise the team on the destroying part (though Insali's ninjaing is also a valid tactic).
  5. Question: Do Grineer scanners work like in the game, ie. it doesn't blare an alarm if it's broken? And also... Palutu probably knows these scanners inside and outside, given how prevalent technology it is, so does Palutu know another way to mess it up so the squad can slip in without suspiciously breaking a scanner?
  6. "Standard Grineer ID verification scanner. No modifications. Destroying one won't trigger an alarm in the system." Though the team probably doesn't want to break the sensor so that it looks visibly broken. Noises. More peoole. Beta Squad's plan not fulfilled on schedule? Hmm. This is inconvenient. "Assuming Beta Squad being late. Requesting course of action. Time limit: Seconds."
  7. "Scan started." Without further ado, Palutu runs visual non-emissive scan and comparative diagnostics to see if it shows any deviances compared to the scanner machinery in their database.
  8. Again threads like "what do you like most and why" threads because I like hearing opinions and spread positivity! This is my list: Equinox Prime, night form: So incredibly pretty! Especially when applied with dark colors and colorful emission. Loki: To me, the basic Loki looks more like a (stereotypical) ninja than Ash ever does. Just look at those eye lights peeking under his hood! Just look at them, they are oddly cute. He also looks like he has baggy pants. I like baggy pants. Mesa Prime: That hat. THAT HAT. I want a hat like that. Mirage: Not that much the design itself but her animations, like bowing, blowing kisses, coyly holding the fishing spear behind her, and so on. Really fits to her theme as a performer. I also like her collar ruffles, and especially I like her Harlequin helmet. Nezha: For some reason the combination of "a tiny person carrying something impossibly large and using it as an unconventional weapon" makes me happy. I also like his animations. Saryn: The vibe she gives can be described only as "regal". Her animations convey confidence. I like it. Stand tall with your heels, lady. Wukong Prime: It was appeal at the first sight. Not only I like Wukong's monkeyish animations, but also his Prime looks bring the monkey aesthetics home, especially with the new helmet that has prominent ears. And he has baggy pants, too! Zephyr: I like her having a prominent armor instead of looking like having a skin-tight getup. It just makes me happy.
  9. This is an idea I've had a while, and it resurfaced when Shawzin Emote was introduced. So, it would be nice to have some waist wear for Warframes in addition to syandanas and cosmetic armor (or as part of them). These could include things like waist armor, belts, sashes, coat hems, loin cloths, skirts... Yes, Syandanas get the "swish swish" department covered very nicely. But especially female Warframes look sometimes too... form-fitted for my personal tastes (though that can be often covered with Syandanas and/or tactical color choices). Let's say that mission start cut scenes with low-camera ninja landing tend to look pretty awkward to me if the Warframe in question has super defined butt... And Shawzin playing would look much much fancier if there was some cloth flooding around the Warframe, reminding us of traditional Asian musicians. The current pose without such additions looks a little bareboned. So getting some more clothing over waist area would be a nice option, and I would be ready to pay some money for pretty pieces. I know, Warframe skins are a thing, but it would be nice to have a simple piece of clothing that could be used for several Warframes, serving similar purpose than Syandanas. Some ideas for waist wear? Just simple belts, sashes, skirts, jacket hems, loin cloths etc. of varying lengths and cuts, preferably so that they can be made to look like part of a Warframe by matching the colors right. And then some fancier ones on the top of that. I think that Prime-style waist wear could be easy to apply the Prime Warframes as they already share similarities in their design. Some potential problems coming to my mind? - Probably biggest problem: Different Warframes having different waists, hence harder to automatically fit waist things to all of them. Perfectly understandable that armor and syandanas are much easier to apply, as they go over places in which size differences are less of an issue. On the other hand, armors also have options for adjusting locations and so, so similar could be applied to a waist wear, or then waist wear could be made of two components: "front cape" and "back cape". - Clashing with Warframes that already have waist stuff or hems (such as Oberon, Frost, and Vauban) - More moving parts in a Warframe and more potential clipping - Overall effort to add this all, and certainly there things developers would rather focus on more. But hey, I thought that there is no harm throwing an idea in the air 🙂 I would like to prettify my Warframes with these kind of things!
  10. GAMMA Palutu immediately marks the location of the nearest promising console on Dov's HUD. "This one should work for my purposes. No patrols should be there, should Beta Squad be up to the schedule." Because it would be unlikely that others would hear Palutu's speakers over running, Palutu tells only to the linked operative: "More data analyzed. No, that terminal seems to be part of the original design of this ship. Yes, the machinery is too streamlined and smooth to be of Grineer mindset of design despite passing similarity. This is either not Grineer-made or then this is a rare offshoot. I will repeat this to the rest of the squad once we have stopped."
  11. GAMMA With sensors on the datamass and whatever is available in Dov, Palutu makes a check around to find any useful information. This could be structural information in the room, data signals around, or any oddities around. They also attempt to formulate suggestions for what to do next, as these individuals are possibly having diminished ability to make rational decisions due to increased pressure.
  12. GAMMA "I'm ready. Unplug me. Seek another console." Palutu had been in for less than a second. The Cephalon then starts to fill in. They prop up the small speakers attached on the datamass, so they would be heard by other members of the Gamma squad, too. "That console was a shallow system, mainly separate from the other ship, and on the top of that, it is distinctly Tenno architecture by its nature. It seems to be a navigation slash guide console, containing files of the layout of this floor and instruction manual for new users. Defenses were most basic. It also gave instructions for accessing exclusive communications over here. I am currently sanitizing the map file -- sanitation complete -- for further use." Then... airlocks. Palutu hadn't been paying attention. Where the closing signal came from? The Cephalon did not remember tripping any alarms in the console. "Please state your plan, Operatives."
  13. Sweet sweet sweet. I could imagine how Palutu would react on Karsk 😄 As Palutu isn't much a human-focused Cephalon, I could imagine that they would be a bit dismissive towards Karsk's "unnecessary" hijinks such as pranks and human philosophy. "Why you are so interested in provoking reactions in humans, you aren't even analyzing the data you get, what purpose does that even serve. Also that human is probably going to die in less 50 years anyway." (Palutu doesn't hate humans, they just don't consider humans as interesting things, and being polite to humans is just their way to ensure they can co-operate with them to get sweet sweet tech info.) Watching Neon Genesis Evangelion btw, that series has interested me for long and I'm happy to see it now in Netflix. That's one interesting source of what kind of issues Tenno might have - young kids puppeteering mechas Warframes. And also the world-wide impact they have when they go for combat. And how that certainly doesn't make any good for their psyches. Kinda makes me want to play a mentally messed-up and depressed Tenno who can barely function but who just has to function, and aaaall that pain.
  14. GAMMA "Thank you, Operative Dov." Then the terminal... of course, one does not simply walk into a foreign system. Palutu if anyone knew it - and had prepared for it. They makea quick visual scan on the system to affirm compatibility. "Here, link me. Also, unplug me when I tell so." The Cephalon highlights the appropriate data cables and data sockets in Dov's HUD. Palutu's cracking system was a secured two-fold procedure. If everything would go as planned, Palutu's self-made sacrificial disturbance subroutine would make a tentative check on the system, testing how the crackable system would react on the disturbance. If the subroutine would encounter no problems, the affirmative signal would be sent, and Palutu would know that their main invasion protocol could be able to handle cracking the system. And in the worst case, the sacrificial system would just succumb to whatever counter measures it would encounter, not sending the affirmation signal, and then Palutu would know that the system would be risky to navigate in, and then they would just eject the contaminated subroutine. Hence the name "sacrificial". For now, Palutu had encountered very few systems that sacricifial subroutine had not affirmed, and majority of those cases were false alarms. Still, never ignore the margin of error...
  15. Palutu does not express any emotions regarding this bloodbath. Not only these Grineer didn't appear to have anything interesting with them, but also the events were so fast that Palutu didn't have time to set up recording for future reference. Though now... "Operative Dov. Please hold your sight at the Grineer for a moment." Should Dov look at the Grineer, Palutu would make a fraction-second long visual scan onto the Grineer and see if those two had any unusual equipment. Palutu will also thank Dov if given a chance to get data. Then something more interesting appears at the corner of Dov's visiob; a console. "Take me there," Palutu instructs Dov, and if Dov has any HUD implemented, the Cephalon even highlights the console with an arrow.
  16. Eeeeeee! ^^ This is the first time my RP character has a musical theme! Thank you, @ShrimpOverlord! I especially like the beeping part from middle onwards. It makes me feel like that Palutu hijacks into the song and goes like "hold my circuits I make some tweaking here, BEEP BOOP BEEP here you go I made some micro adjustments that humans can't even hear you're welcome" xD
  17. "Move on, fast. Estimated time window for closing is 6 minutes plus minus 2 minutes. Radio silence, now." So now Palutu would get their first look - literally - inside... what might be inside this elusive galleon? What kind of tech hid it? Too bad the Cephalon wasn't in the Delta squad, but it would only sate their curiosity only slightly faster. And also, Gamma squad was where they would be most effective.
  18. "Your observation is correct," Palutu says. While it was possible that there was a provocation attempt happening based on the earlier history, the operative had a point, and facts always overrode interpersonal flavors. "I modify my earlier request. Instead of providing me audiovisuals, please prepare for that I may take over them if I see that necessary. That applies for situations when there is certainty of not having our cover broken by this connection, or that the cover is already broken. In order to decrease visible signals, I request physically jacking my datamass into Operative Dov's systems so signals are easier to conceal."
  19. Appended data on Operative #640. Rename: Operative #640 --> Operative Takar. "That is a good idea," the Cephalon replied. "Little is known how to detect this kind of communications by means of technology. I still do recommend keeping it sparse to avoid attention. I am not sure if I can access that kind of communication, but I am with an operative who can pass the message." Them. Finally. Were those humans finally able to read the internal parameter that indicated a Cephalon's preferred pronoun? Palutu has been understading that humans were incapable of seeing such light-constructed things. This needed more study. Maybe this was just a lucky guess, or then habit of some humans to refer unknown parties as "them". Moreover, there was this possibility that the humans were able to read it all along but they just taunted the Cephalon by sticking on the polarized "him"/"her" vocabulary. But more that on other day. Appended data on Operative #638. Rename: Operative #638 --> Operative Dov. "Affirmative. Operative Dov is caring about transportation of me, Cephalon Palutu. Operative Dov, please inform me next time you reveice Operative Takar's mental message, so I can verify whether or not I can receive it. If not, please relay me any vital information." ...different plane? Wait. Palutu had heard only rumors... about a mathematican... "Translation though dimension of higher magnitude than four?" they inquired. "I need specifics to be able to estimate how to utilize it. Most importantly, can our plane detect events on this different plane?"
  20. Then let's make it so that Palutu advises also the Delta squad! I'll correct this.
  21. Good news, on PC there is visual marking implemented. Namely, in addition to the sound, the Demolysts are also marked with pulsating red color and later a proper map marker.
  22. On the other hand... do you want that Palutu also broadcasts to the Delta squad? The Cephalon's advice is relevant also to them. I just originally thought they talk to Gamma squad.
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