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  1. Yes, and this bug still exist. I hope DE will look at Parazon skin bug
  2. I'm sorry for my subjectivity Soy77, thank you for pointing my mistake.
  3. So, I have just read about Tencent buy Leyou and it's automatically DE parent now is Tencent. So, I want to ask is Warframe "sold" to Tencent or just their parent changed? Sorry for my broken english thank you in advance
  4. This is my build, I'm still leveling my plexus and I have to forma it again cuz it's not enough capacity to my mods.
  5. Oh ok but my plexus still at level 21 because I have forma th plexus xD
  6. Yeah same, I thought I only have this glitch
  7. Hmm you're right but I have to ask other players so I can make my railjack even better. Thx for the comment much appreciate
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