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  1. Can you take a screen shot Mulciber armor set? Because I wonder what it looks like the chest armor. I missed the armor chest one :(
  2. Yeah, I currently use Loki with Red Veil Lesion Sigil and I manage to decrease meridian minus standing, but My new loka standing is decrease so I probably use New Loka until it's maxed out
  3. I wonder if I can lose my rank in New Loka, If I farmed Steel Meridian standing. Thank you in advance
  4. Thank you for fixing the gear wheel! I am very happy to use emotes in SO/ESO 😀
  5. Yeah, but today he doesnt forbidden it so guess I can spam Pizza Energy😂
  6. Ohhh That's why....Thank you so much, man! I thought I delusional about the gear wheel. Thanks!
  7. So, I suprised that I can use gearwheel is this a bug or not? Also some Captura scene have new icon. Example Lua Balcony scene
  8. I just purchase Nihil Oubillte and I wonder if next week I can buy it again.
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