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  1. Yeah,after finishing Natah I often encounter them like 2-3 times I just confused xD
  2. So, I already open Uranus Junction and I want to play Natah quest, and I need to scan Oculyst drones, are they spawn every locations on Uranus or not? Thank you in advance
  3. Yeah, but if I join Cephalon Suda I'll be a target every mission I guess不不
  4. Is it possible to syndicates hunt me even if I'm not in their syndicates? Right now I have a good term with New Loka and Red Veil but I have level -1 Cephalon Suda and -2 Arbiters of Hexis不不不
  5. Yeah, right now my credits are destroyed so I need to play missions to get credits again不不
  6. As the title says, why I dont get training debt bonds even I do a lot of bounties? Right now I want to level up to Rank 1 Solaris but I can't cuz I only have 12 instead 13. So is there any way to get Training Debt Bonds? Thank you in advance
  7. Well, I do that and I dont approach Protea because she's so salty to me so I have to keep my distance with her
  8. I do that man and she like dancing like crazy woman and I cant track her and at the end she managed to get her health back. It's so annoying
  9. I found difficult when I manage to depleted her shield but my Xoris is lvl 10 atm and I can't damage her, also I use my warcry, at some point I manage to depleted her health but my warcry went out and she actived the rewind time and it's so annoying.
  10. I play Deadlock Protocol quest and I'm stuck at the last mission where i have to kill Protea Specter and I fail 2 times. I play with my Valky Prime(Rank 30), Cernos Prime(Rank 30) and Xoris. Is there any tips to defeat her? I'm frustated to defeat her
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