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  1. Nah, They (Devs) are fine because they breathe Vey Hek Air🤣🤣🤣
  2. I guess they gonna reveal Titania Prime! And I wonder when The New War released🤔
  3. I'm still confused, even I made a post that will Zephyr Prime will go into Prime Vault. And I read the wiki, it's says gonna entering the prime vault. Either, it's gone for 1-2 years and kicks in into Prime Vault or after "Life&Death" ends, Limbo&Zephyr Prime kicks in.
  4. I only can "guessing" what Next Prime Vault is. For rn its Oberon&Nekros. But after it, I don't know for sure but I guess it's Limbo&Zephyr Prime if I'm right. But once again, I just guessing maybe I'm wrong or right. P.S. for Zephyr Prime you can read on the wiki that says she will enter Prime Vault.
  5. Eh? So,you say the thumbnail frame is Nova Deluxe Skin? Sorry, if I'm wrong
  6. I wonder, what frame in that thumbnail. I want to know so I can search it
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