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  1. Can wait to give em a potatoe lol....and why cant we customize our liches armors and colors... Would be pretty cool just saying.
  2. Are drops limited to five? I wanted the pec. Bloom and color pallet but got the flowers and floof
  3. @[DE]Danielle i know players know what the items look like from being in game and obtaining said items, but i think it would be nice to post pics of the items as well to see what they are. As for example me..not able to log on...currently not home and being able to still access baro threw the warframe app would be cool..even selling items for ductas and credits as well.....just a thought.
  4. Love it when the drops are decos..... @[DE]Helen can we get some infested decor? I wanna spread the infested look outside from the helminth room.
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