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  1. Grineer grab bag....got 4 out kf the 5....nicee. ...love deco drops always... P.Q getting a little crowded
  2. I got drops from last week...the formas and the community drops.....am I good to go?
  3. What if we already have 5 drops? Will we be able to get the new drops as well?
  4. Can I get a birthday login reward.....of course with providing proof of it
  5. More stuffed animals for my orbiter and my pets to have
  6. Oooooooo very nice....cant wait to add to my collection
  7. Can wait to give em a potatoe lol....and why cant we customize our liches armors and colors... Would be pretty cool just saying.
  8. Are drops limited to five? I wanted the pec. Bloom and color pallet but got the flowers and floof
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