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  1. Forma does not affect how many slots your equipment has. We already have an amazingly large mod library. A good percentage of that library is unused by most players. As warframe progresses with content I think that percentage might grow, especially with all of the new utility set mods that are intended for release soon. Considering the current amount of mod slots given to equipment, these mods might not get much action, and I hope that my idea could be considered to prevent new content from being shrugged at by the community or just not being unused.
  2. I want to know what the community thinks will become of our old holster rate mods! I am hoping for movement speed to replace them, and I don't mean sprint speed either! Maybe you guys can come up with something better?
  3. Supporting this idea can be done by adding new categories to mods, and categorizing mod slots. Having symbols visible in empty mod slots that express what mod types can fit into a slot would help player distinguish their options. Certain mod slots could be compatible with ALL mods, while others may only accept a few or even only one mod type like an exilus slot. These limitations could prevent players from purely stacking power strength or other power stats, but would make room for more unique builds and allow players to dive into the new world of set-mods. There is a large mod universe within warframe that is always growing but often unexplored by players due to the small amount of mod slots available. Expanding the mod slots of warframes or weapons would allow room for what could be considered secondary mods/mod slots, or utility mods/mod slots, much like the teased gas city set mods. Please reply or comment on what you think of this idea, but please express your criticism in a positive and professional manner.
  4. I am selling a max rank Arcane Barrier for 100p A Primed Cryo Rounds for 35p A Primed Fever Strike for 35p(rank 6) And a Primed Ravage for 35p(rank 8 ) Message me in-game or you can comment/reply to this post!
  5. Imagine an NPC in one of the new open world village/town/safe-zones that provides a service where you have a few options available, but one particular option would be "Warframe Schematic". When you select the "Warframe Schematic" option, a graphic appears that features two empty squares(slots) on the left, and one empty square on the right. above the squares on the left writes "chassis & neuroptics, while above the right shows "systems". In this screen you can provide the matching chassis and neuroptics of one frame, and provide the systems of any other frame. At the expense of these components and some unique resources, you can construct a warframe that has the looks of one frame, but the power-set and stats of another. This would provide new level of cosmetic possibilities to players who prefer the look of, say, hydroid, but enjoy the powers and stats of rhino. Please, comment or reply to this thread and let me know what you all think of this fan concept!
  6. I added another video to this post pointing out the details of the odd projectile behavior.
  7. Thank you. What I will do now is compare the accuracy levels of varying projectile based weapons, and look for inconsistencies.
  8. I have been evolving the structure of my post based on discoveries made regarding this issue. I can try and provide more information but it will take time for me to produce, devise, and structure the content for intelligibility purposes.
  9. What an odd finding! Thank you for helping me look into this issue!
  10. I currently do not have Boltor, or Boltor Prime. Could you go into the simulacrum and test if their bolts appear to sway in the same way? You might have to put on some recoil mods to view the shots better.
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