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  1. be cool if the kuva fissures werent just mobile defense and spy.
  2. why am i lagging? an rtx2070 at 5760x1080 resolution everything max should not be getting 55fps in the vallis. it has been perfect solid 72 with the cap regardless of combat intensity until now. what did you change to kill performance?
  3. also why force us to use void traces to upgrade req relics when we are doing kuva missions to get them. pretty much required to used a radiant relic if you want a decent chance at getting a mod (which will end up being the wrong one anyway). why not make req mods require kuva to upgrade? at least then ittl be worth it (maybe) to get the kuva from the missions rather than just speed running the objective.
  4. its been waht? like 2 weeks and i havnt even killed a single lich. why does req 3 have such a low drop rate compared to all the others? why are the mods uncommon AND consumable? i have over 20 of req 1 2 and 4 and under 5 req 3s. this is dumb.
  5. why not just remove the charge limit from reqium mods? theyre already uncommon and getting the ones you need can be a huge pain. just to have them get consumed when failing the order is kinda dumb. if your dead set on them being consumed why not make them get consumed on the correct order? at least that why we wont be wasting them as much.
  6. never, theyve had like 3 months to do it and nothing.
  7. give me my catchmoon back pls. or the forma.
  8. still keeping the catchmoon useless i guess. of all the things it has that you coudlve nerfed you had to choose the range. why not make the projectile smaller? why not nerf its dmg by 20-30%? why not release a weapon that can compare with its utility? giving it an 8meter falloff is absolutely insane. at the end of its range its like tossing a handful of confetti. what is the point of using a gun that has a less effective range than simply just using melee?
  9. when fishing i noticed that the spear is in the wrong hand. also when a throw is missed after the spear is recovered the game locks me in place for 3-5s before i can move or rethrow. note this is not the retrieval animation. this is literally just standing there for 3-5s while no input does anything. anyone else have this issue?
  10. same. my exaclibur umbra exalted feels like a floppy baguette compared to literally any other melee weapon with a catalyst.
  11. revert the catchmoon nerfs or give us our forma back. it is nearly useless with 8m range before the damage drops to nothing.
  12. the new melee is super clumsy. needing to push 3 different buttons in certain sequences is way more annoying than needing to push 1 button in different sequences.
  13. inaros 1 is useless now to. whatever you did you ruined that. and again the catchmoon's usable rang is absolutely pathetic. the first mission of a sortie i had to be within 10 feet of the enemies to get my damage. at the end of the range it was akin to blowing leaves at them. stop nerfing popular weapons and make the non popular weapons viable. we know how this is gonna go. the ol "if we dont acknowledge the negative feedback theyll eventually shutup"
  14. after playing an arbitration i can say with not even the slightest hint of sarcasm that some melee weapons have longer range than the catchmoon does.
  15. agreed. i could use that 4 forma other places.
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