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  1. so now the red crystal has no meaning left .. RIP DE
  2. IGN - AinNxenes MR - 23 | 950+ In - Game Hours Country - India Current Clan - Ashen Tennoshen Language - Hindi, English About Me - Eidolon Hunter, Endgame survival like Arbi,Mot,kuva 2H 30 min current personol solo , Intersetd in Joining clan for grinding Events and endgame runs Fashion framer.
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    My Friend who is complting the quests..still havent made the paracesis and nor completed the railjack quest..also he never heard of the red crystal nor he broke it but still after completeing the apostogy prolouge ..he was able to trigger ERRA quest by his codex.. not by destroying the crystal with paracesis so is this a bug or is it now that any one who ahve compelte the prolouge can start erra in codex?
  4. TYPE: In-Game, pv DESCRIPTION: All Avionic i have puted on railjack got removed + they are not in my inventory now VISUAL: -- REPRODUCTION: Maybe check all players nventory and see what got removed and add it back EXPECTED RESULT: -- OBSERVED RESULT: -- REPRODUCTION RATE: happedn after i updated and gone see my avionix
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