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  1. -Yo.. Well im applying again I know im not meeting the requirement BUT Its quite boaring to rank up mastery..i like to do some serious farming runs and make build for warframes.. so ye not gonna rank up mastery for a while..well here is my umm things -IGN - ItsJoYWTF (might change to a better one ) - MR 18 Played 600+ in just 4 months OOoof (started playing months ago but was not good at the game and was doing high runs so I die evrytime so irritienting so quit for a while but hey her I am again) -country - India -Language - hindi, English -My current clan is Leviathan and I am in this clan since 5months ( no previous clan as I only stayed in mayb 2 or 3 clans for like just 1 or 2 days ) -I started playing warframe sep 2018 but then I quit it in nov 2018 cause I was NYUB and didn't was the hell to do in this.. I played it like 3 times in a week then ..and then after some quest after like in march I started playing it addictively ..and so on - Discord ID - Aexie17#4065 -About MEH = Well I like to do some good runs of survival Ethetr if its a arbi or a relic survival, and like to do eidolons hunt and Duo exploiter orb, like to make fashion frames (but I am not a very good at it ) , I am a spy and survival type Player don't really like defense that much but yeh can do if needed, I like killing bosses for Fun Speacially Ropalolyst and exploiter orb. And Since this emperian Update I like To do piloting the Railjack kinda fun nad sabotaging other crewship and control over them.. And really like to play with a good Team that can provide help if needed and is good coordinated with team ( that's what im expecting from this clan also) And I really want to take SS of that 1000 lvl CLEM haha. Also Trrying to learn more about it as its a VERY BIG GAME..dont expect me to know everything about it..but mostly I know. WEll that's all.. Looking forword to ya RIP ENGLIZ reeeeeeeee
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