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  1. I was playing solo and found something interesting about this bug. For reference, I play capped at 144 FPS to match my monitor refresh rate. PC can easily do much more. I'm not sure FPS has anything to do with it. Playing a public match where I was the only player, the bug ocurred anywhere on the tile I was playing (Hepit, Void). Aiming had nothing to do with it. However, if I stood on certain areas of the map, the bug would not ocurr! I could reproduce this 100% of the time! All the locations where Antimatter would work coincidentally were above a flight of stairs. Near the extraction point of void tiles it would work flawlessly. Below it, nope. Above the flight of stairs leading down to the extraction room again worked 100% of the time! Just weird stuff, might just be coincidence but yea.
  2. Thank you for fixing the rendering problems, and faster than I expected! But more importantly, you have my praise for wasting no time to fix what apparently was a graphical bug that turned out to be a health hazard! Trinity is my most reliable work horse and I can enjoy playing her again! So happy :) Thank you.
  3. The problem with Volt is that his different builds require mods with different polarities, so a 'fully built' Volt of one build won't be able to fully fit in other builds. This is the reason why Volt is one of the few frames that people often have more than one. Key message though: Speed Volt is incompatible with AoE Volt and Survival Volt. So if your Volt was mainly aimed at AoE Nukage, you might be able to fit in a hardy survivalist build. With that said, here is my survivalist Volt build: Primed Vigor, Primed Flow, Quick Thinking, Adaption Primed Continuity, Constitution, Narrow Minded, Streamline Nowdays you can replace Streamline since there are so many other ways of regaining energy. Rejuvenation is not a bad aura choice, specially if you aren't using Vazarin's Protective Dash or spamming Health Restores. Eximus Slot is larely taste here, but ever since they changed stagger animation to take priority over any other animation, Pain Threshold can save you those crucial seconds, or you can also opt for Primed Sure Footed if you dont mind the split second block animation breaking your actions. Build relies on keeping up speed at all times, not necessarily to rush but to help you parkour around and avoid damage. It will also allow you to spam long lasting shields efficiently. Any small amount of Strength is wasted and unecessary. Caveat: Shock will be stricly for CC with this build and have limited range, and Discharge is all but useless. PS. Arcane Nullifier is one of the best all around defensive Arcanes. Regen on a Volt is neglible, so protection from magnetic proccs is comparatively much better.
  4. Title is pretty clear. Since the Saint of Altra update, for some reason (it wasn't specified in the patch notes), Trinity's third (3) ability, Link, now flashes and blinks in a weird fashion. After an accident at work a couple years ago, I became slightly photosensitive. I had never had a problem with this in Warframe, ever. Until now. I had read someone mention something about this, but didn't pay too much attention until I selected Trinity today. To my dismay, using Link started making me dizzy and giving me a headache! I really see no benefit to this change. In practical terms, it's worse, because it is now more difficult to pinpoint what each link is connected to. In medical terms, it's horrible because it now induces symptoms in me, and perhaps in other sensitive individuals. I've seen Digital Extremes take feedback seriously from players with any kind of condition or impairment, the first that comes to mind are changes specifically made to cater to the color blind. I acknowledge I have no idea if this truly affects epileptic individuals as I am not one. But as someone who is photosensitive and who can suffer from acute migraines from specific light triggers, I can only ask for this to be fixed. Perhaps this is only a bug of sorts, like the bug that was affecting Volt's powers to look like lines instead of electricity, but either way, I need to bring this to the attention of both players and Digital Extremes alike. I hope this message is heard. Thank you. Waiting hopefully for a fix so I can play my favorite frame, -JujuHex
  5. Agreed. I found it annoying and uncessesary, unless there are plans to expand the amount of loadout slots. Seeing as we have 41 frames now, they kind of should.
  6. Im slightly photosensitive, and nothing in the game has bothered me yet... till now. This makes me dizzy and gives me a headache. Can't play my favorite frame now :(
  7. Gives me a headache and makes me dizzy; can't play my favorite frame now.
  8. Thank you for acknowledging the metallic rendering problems (among other graphical weirdness) that shipped with Saint of Altra, and thank you for commiting to review and fix said problems. Hopefully you can get that resolved as soon as possible. Cheers!
  9. Agreed. Volt's Speed also looks like some weird lines going around him. Just looks oversimplified and plain silly to me.
  10. New changes to graphics and metallic rendering messed up the looks of a lot of stuff. Steve already said they are looking into what might have gone wrong. 'Dealing with change' has nothing to do with it. Things look horrible now, just take a stroll through the forums and all the evidence that players have posted. Not just hearsay, but evidence. Lol no. Not your PC mate, the update borked a lot of stuff. Sit tight, hopefully they will fix it soon enough. Cheers.
  11. JujuHex

    Kick System

    Stop asking for this votekick nonsense. It gets abused every single time. There is an alternative, go make a premade group. What is so hard about that?
  12. Revert metallic rendering and other graphical changes ASAP. I don't even feel like playing now, really ruined my Warframe experience.
  13. Revert it as soon as possible or fix whatever is causing this mess. Everything in general looks worse now! It's not just metallics, most textures and colors look worse now! This game is pretty much kill eidolons and play dress up with your dolls. Half of the game is ruined now :( Please for the love of Unum, don't dive headfirst into the shallows. Graphical changes like this, for whatever the reason they happen (I suspect dumbing down of rendering to please consoles and older PC's) are just wrong.
  14. New metallic rendering is DOWNRIGHT HORRIBLE. Please consider rolling that back. I hope you are not nerfing the metallic rendering quality to cater to consoles and toasters. I feel like I'm playing with plastic G.I.JOE toys and not metallic Warframes and weapons. As much as I was looking forward to Gauss, this update gave me one frame in exchange for ruining the looks of everything else. I'm tired of this trend. For the first time since 2013 I have to say that I'm not playing until they revert or fix this.
  15. Prisma energy flow looks diminished. With darker colors, it's barely even noticable and just looks like the attachment is a black non prisma variant.
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