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  1. This nonsense is just trollbait. Either that, or someone thinking out loud without actually thinking.
  2. ixidron92, my little grasshopper... Did you miss the part where I said 'imagine' ? Did you assume I would do this? What lead you to believe something like that? Tsk, tsk, tsk... I am specifically warning that this system could enable such behaviour, not that I myself would carry out such nonsense. You totally missed all the points and they all flew past your head. Precisely, people who would do this would do it indeed to ANNOY people, on PURPOSE, so that they complain enough until the system is changed. The target is NEVER the developer but the players. You need to put more points into your sarcasm skill :P
  3. Yea. You read that right. Imagine first that I don't like the whole Lich system. Imagine then, (JUST IMAGINE GUYS, FANTASY HERE) if I was a huge d-bag, and as a way to vent and protest, I set my mind on trolling everyone thanks to the system that DE implemented. DE just gave me a great tool for trolling! I can level my Lich to max rank, and then just join missions and watch as other players cry in horror as I prance around avoiding the Lich. Heh heh heh heh heh heh. Fun fun fun fun! EDIT: Remeber, the problem wouldn't be the lich itself, but high level enemies, objective destruction and funny radiation procs. To put this into context, and so I don't get misunderstandings, in a game called 'Age of Wushu', your skillpoints accrue over time, but you can accelerate that accrual by performing a group excercise called 'Team Practice', in which all participants in a group start doing a round of katas or tai-chi of sorts. Each time it is your turn, you need to input a certain sequence that performs certain movements. After a couple of minutes the group practice is finished and everyone involved gets a massive skill point boost. While you are engaged, you can't do anything else or the practice gets broken. The flaw with that system was that anyone could engage a group practice in PvP, specially with AoE abilities. And indeed, people started trolling groups ON PURPOSE to protest 'Team Practice' not being protected from PvP. I quit that game a long time ago for a multitude of reasons so I have no idea if that ever changed. Also remember: SARCASM. I'm not being serious here not should you take this seriously, but it is certainly something to consider. A certain sign of a flawed system.
  4. I don't think you are seeing the bigger picture, Mr. Joe. People don't mind being able to 'fail' sometimes. What people are annoyed about is being FORCED to fail.
  5. Do you like being forced to do something? I don't. I know there are some people who like being dominated (heh kinky) but personally I don't know any (or maybe they just ain't telling). To begin, I never liked the whole Nightwave system, and every week that passes in which I am forced to slog through the chores to reach that Umbra Forma, my will to play Warframe continues to diminish. When I read the patch notes for the Old Blood and saw what the whole Lich business entailed, I felt like barfing all over myself and jumping off a cliff. This Lich update was an insult to players time. The community reacted quite negatively, and DE was forced loosen it up a bit (opt-out mechanic). I still don't like it and don't want anything to do with Liches. Forced death? No thanks. Forced loot stealing? No sir, I won't allow it. I love this game, and I have been playing almost since the beginning, but no one has infinite patience and loyalty. After Fortuna dropped, my loyalty has been tested with every other major update. Are the golden days gone? Does it only go downhill from here? I want to have hope. I hope that this Lich mess can be solved. I hope that DE stops employing systems that force players into actions or keybinds they don't like. I hope Empyrean can save you and save us all.
  6. Actually not a bad idea. In-game, of course.
  7. I see absolutely nothing, 0, zilch, nada, NOTHING wrong with not killing your lich. Avoiding your lich is not a problem. It is a SYMPTOM of a broken system. Stop suggesting more punishment for players that recognize a broken system when they see it.
  8. I was playing solo and found something interesting about this bug. For reference, I play capped at 144 FPS to match my monitor refresh rate. PC can easily do much more. I'm not sure FPS has anything to do with it. Playing a public match where I was the only player, the bug ocurred anywhere on the tile I was playing (Hepit, Void). Aiming had nothing to do with it. However, if I stood on certain areas of the map, the bug would not ocurr! I could reproduce this 100% of the time! All the locations where Antimatter would work coincidentally were above a flight of stairs. Near the extraction point of void tiles it would work flawlessly. Below it, nope. Above the flight of stairs leading down to the extraction room again worked 100% of the time! Just weird stuff, might just be coincidence but yea.
  9. Thank you for fixing the rendering problems, and faster than I expected! But more importantly, you have my praise for wasting no time to fix what apparently was a graphical bug that turned out to be a health hazard! Trinity is my most reliable work horse and I can enjoy playing her again! So happy :) Thank you.
  10. Thank you for acknowledging the metallic rendering problems (among other graphical weirdness) that shipped with Saint of Altra, and thank you for commiting to review and fix said problems. Hopefully you can get that resolved as soon as possible. Cheers!
  11. Agreed. Volt's Speed also looks like some weird lines going around him. Just looks oversimplified and plain silly to me.
  12. Revert metallic rendering and other graphical changes ASAP. I don't even feel like playing now, really ruined my Warframe experience.
  13. Revert it as soon as possible or fix whatever is causing this mess. Everything in general looks worse now! It's not just metallics, most textures and colors look worse now! This game is pretty much kill eidolons and play dress up with your dolls. Half of the game is ruined now :( Please for the love of Unum, don't dive headfirst into the shallows. Graphical changes like this, for whatever the reason they happen (I suspect dumbing down of rendering to please consoles and older PC's) are just wrong.
  14. New metallic rendering is DOWNRIGHT HORRIBLE. Please consider rolling that back. I hope you are not nerfing the metallic rendering quality to cater to consoles and toasters. I feel like I'm playing with plastic G.I.JOE toys and not metallic Warframes and weapons. As much as I was looking forward to Gauss, this update gave me one frame in exchange for ruining the looks of everything else. I'm tired of this trend. For the first time since 2013 I have to say that I'm not playing until they revert or fix this.
  15. Excuse me but, no it isn't. Animation = movement. Graphics = art. Animation is how you move your art assets. 2 different thingies, mate. Excuse me again sir/maam, you can 'suggest' what others should give feedback on, but you can't command them. As long as people follow forum rules, they can give feedback on whatever they feel like. As realistic or outlandish, as correct or incorrect as it may be.
  16. Just here to remind DE that the old 'system' was better, the new 'system' blows, and it isn't even a system, but enforced keybindings. I hate enforced keybindings. There have been plenty of explanations why and it has been long enough that I don't need to repeat my reasons. The only good thing is aimed ground slam. Let us toggle back old "system". Please. Thank you, love you long time.
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