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  1. It also doesn't help with people who get motion sickness from the railjacks movements. I personally get headaches.
  2. They really love forcing people to play bad game modes to progress in anything. These bounties are completely unfair to those who don't have a railjack and for those who want to avoid the horrible mode all together.
  3. Passive) Red ring of Death - Has an X% chance to cause an AoE ring of fire. Ability 1) Nervous Glitch - Frame flails around causing Impact damage to all enemies within 3m. (causes Knockdown) Ability 2) Short Circuit - (on Target) Casts an arcing electric current that chains to X number of enemies and causes minor HUD malfunction ((similar to magnetic proc)) Ability 3) Crossed Wires - Lashes out with tendrils to bind enemies within 5m for X seconds dealing DoT electric damage Ability 4) Area Disruption - Frame slams arms against the ground causing a magnetic and Heat, toxin, Cold, or Electricity (depending on emissive color) pulse. The magnetic Jams guns and electronics for X seconds while other damages enemies within AoE. Edit: added missing effect to 2nd ability and Spelling in Ability 4 description
  4. I've been using the Tatsu for a while and I'm not building charges for my Tatsu on melee kills after thisse hotfixes or update.
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