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  1. While I would agree with this completely, I just think it shouldn't be limited to be honest. They could have ran to the hills with goofy stuff to earn from this. I had a bunch of goofy ideas. I personally would like more joke items to throw on our frames. I said the floaty should had been a armor puece, or an ephemera. We get it, but now it's limited time... They should totally do pool noodles as skins for swords, and long swords. Maybe a rubber ducky or something for your head, or some towels for your head (Oh god. I hope people know what I mean, and maybe this wasn't a great idea in hi
  2. This is totally an issue on Switch as well. So, I'm almost sure this is a game wide issue. There's plenty more issues they should be working on personally than trying to pump out content so fast that they go backwards on fixes like they did with Deimos for sure, or just issues that simplistic testing would have caught. Like not being able to cut the fish from Deimos, then they did it AGAIN with the new fish they added there in a later update. Their updates need more polish along with the rest of the game with some bugs that are still apparent.
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