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  1. Uh yeah, haven't stopped talking about Warframe. My comments are very on topic, so like your other points... irrelevant and without substance.
  2. I really don't care what your opinion is or if my opinion has "weight" with you. This is going to happen. Do a casual search on youtube about game streaming and you'll see. This is going to happen if you like it or not.
  3. That remains to be seen. Every evolution has it's trolls.
  4. I can tell you whether it's project Scarlet, Stadia, or some other streaming service... DE better get on board with the next industry evolution. They need to immediately start with making plans for cross-platform play and adapt the game for streaming. If they don't, Warframe will wilt into obscurity very quickly. The inherently anti-piracy nature of the streaming concept will drive the whole industry to streaming, whether players like it or not. Soon, if you want to game, you will be hard pressed to find a new release that isn't exclusively offered on some kind of streaming service. Piracy has plagued gaming since the 80s and nobody has figured out a way to really combat it till now. Free to play models have mitigated it some, since the client is distributed freely, but then the free to play mooches who play those games have driven the entire industry into the dirt. They demand a lot from developers and complain bitterly when they come up with "micro transaction" schemes to make money... but they cause the problem! I'm telling you right now, if you're one of them, you can whine bitterly about the return of subscription game models, but it'll fall on deaf ears when the developers find themselves back to a stable financial platform that doesn't require them to depend on gambling mechanisms to make a profit.
  5. LOL, you don't know Google very well. I've been using their services for years and they're fantastic. They don't "fail" like some claim. They evolve and are rebranded. Voice for example, evolved to Hangouts, and is now evolved again to Google Fi. I've used various google services for years, including their security system (yes they even do that). You have no idea the force that Google brings.
  6. I am on xbox, so I haven't seen the Ember rework yet, but I'm going to miss World on Fire. I'd rather that they made the new immolate, a toggled skill like World on Fire, so that it's constantly shunting the heat as you near max gage. The perks are that it could make managing the heat gage easier, and constantly strip enemies of armor while lighting them on fire... but like other toggled abilities, will use your power and not allow you to benefit from Energizing Dash or Energy Siphon while active. This has the added unique management dynamic since the ability gives damage reduction, but constantly reduces your gage, you are encouraged to spend energy on the other skills that ignite enemies to increase the gage. The trick will be to find a fine balance between the shunting of your gage and trying to build it while the skill is active depending on your energy levels and the situation. Also, this concept will add value to team play, since Embers will constantly need energy from outside sources, like energy orbs that Hildryn and Khora generate, and Arcane Energize to boost the effect. Energy Vamping trinity would be an embers best friend! The constant replacement of energy while in their Toggled immolate would allow them to spam a bunch of other skills to keep their gage up and truly light the whole world on fire.
  7. This is happening FAR too often. Please fix!
  8. I'd rather have that be a mode, like how on the Plains or Orb Vallis, you can hit the sprint button and the controls are slightly different than in the "helicopter" mode. Which is pretty much the way it is already.
  9. Unfortunately not. I'm not sure why DE has decided not to allow this with "no exceptions". They could even charge to migrate an account to a different platform, and I'm sure some people would pay for it (I'm one of them). I'm hoping they'll join the rest of the industry and get on board with Stadia because they'll most likely allow a migration to that platform when they do.
  10. I Imagine you'd have to have max range to pull that off?
  11. What new boss fight? Is this another thing available on PC and not Xbox?
  12. Honestly, I like the system we have now. It's rewarding for those that put the time in.
  13. Right? Like why isn't this weapon a signature weapon for Nidus with this kind of perk? I also love the Aliens nod of the OP. I'd absolutely love that!
  14. Since public matchmaking isn't very comprehensive (at least on xbox), I would like to recommend the option to at least be able to swap to our predesignated presets in mission. Here is an example why I suggest this. Just last night, I selected to do a Tridolon mission. I wanted to use Hildryn (because she's actually very good at killing eidolons BTW), but forgot to select my low duration preset. You see, for ANY OTHER kind of group, high duration Haven would really help your team stay alive... but messes with a Chroma ability to buff it's damage with Vex armor. So you have to have low duration haven to keep your shield regen buff to a minimum. You still want to use it for shield wall, to help people survive damage spikes. So when I turned on my haven the Chroma in the group started complaining that he couldn't himself past the shields regenerating. So I turned it off, but then the squishier volt started dying over and over. We eventually captured all 3 Eidolons, but if I could have been able to swap my mod preset in mission, we would have done better. One factor to consider, as you're loading into a mission you have NO IDEA what your group composition is, and if you're loadout will be beneficial to the group overall. This can be frustrating when a simple mod swap could avoid annoying your team. Now, you don't have to GIVE an option like this away! It is a convenience that you can make players earn and perhaps have limits. You could make a special skill line, call it something like "Adaptive Field Logistics" or something. First levels in the skill line will allow you to swap weapon presets, and higher levels allow for warframe presets. Also the number of times you can swap presets per mission will increase. The highest reward would be a once per mission complete loadout swap, but lower players can have a version of this that starts with one complete swap every x missions. Perhaps even more advanced options would be specific individual mod alterations, but I would only make detailed loadout alteration available with a contact on certain open world maps after unlocking the convenience with the local faction (like Cetus or Fortuna).
  15. So I was flying around in an arching mission using my larkspur and thought, "this makes me feel like I'm busting ghosts". Discuss.
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