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  1. I've gained an affinity for double affinity weekends! Can we have more please?! 🙂
  2. 100%! Vazarin is still powerful when used on your pet, your own frame, or other tenno.
  3. Uh, Vazarin is not "destroyed". This healing amount only applies to defense targets. The dash is every bit as powerful on friendly warframes.
  4. It's not just you. I love that we defense frames REALLY matter now. On that note, can we PLEASE add Electromagnetic Shielding as one of the ways to reduce damage to defense targets, and alter it to be used on all Sword and Shield weapons?
  5. You 2 were a riot! This was an epic stream and there is a lot to be excited about tomorrow! 😄
  6. I would consider not doing base values of 500 over 5 seconds and such. At higher levels, with defense target health scaling, heals set to a fixed value would become increasingly less effective. As the game community progresses and development of content with higher level enemies becomes an issue, you will be forced to revisit these values. Perhaps the biggest problem with lots of these skills is their insane percentage values. A 60% heal is a LOT by any measure. A defense target usually has around 10,000-20,000 health to start and scales up with enemies. A 500 over 5 seconds heal is 2500, or 25% of the full health of the defense target. Try that value instead of a fixed number.
  7. Not a damn thing wrong with your wall paper Reb! LOL
  8. How about a xenomorphic or non-humanoid shaped frame? Like a Kubrow frame made for a puppy that was on the Tenno when it went into the void. The puppy appears to be mysteriously gone and long forgotten in the first war, and the frame left unused for eons. You can associate it with a quest where the players learn that the Tenno Kubrow (Cerberus?) prefered it's void powers unshackled by the frames the Orokin tried to make for it. It would constantly break free of the cages the Orokin made for it, killing many in the process. It is now feral and spends it's immortality stalking the mindless shills of corrupted in the void. It's frame is a bit of an adjustment for Tenno to use but it can be done. It's mods are different (access to pet mods like bite!) and configurations different than that of most humanoid warframes and cannot use most primary or secondary weapons. It can use an archwing specially adapted to carry and use it's arch-guns. It's powers... To be determined.
  9. Can we PLEASE have a way to not only increase the max number of drones, but heal and replace them while remaining in Razorwing!?
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