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  1. boy I wonder what character he's trying to act as from mortal kombat
  2. Glitch-Fires a projectile with glitchy effects. Explodes on impact dealing 500 slash damage. Each enemy effected by the projectile grants the frame 5% more ability strength. Can stack up to 55%. Has a duration of 40 seconds. Break-The frame throws a spike at an enemy. That spike will automatically expand and hit any other enemy that is nearby. Lasts for 15 seconds and deals an initial 750 puncture damage. Up to 5 enemies can be effected. Bug- The warframe explodes and hurts anything that is within 20 meters of it. Enemies effected by this slowly start to turn malformed (as a visual effect). Deals 125 damage per tick and initially does 1,250 damage. Malware storm- A tremendous amount of void energy is released, dealing 1,500 damage. Small molecular sprites hover over enemies dealing 250 slash damage per tick. Has a range of 20 meters. Allies effected by this will gain a 200% damage boost (note that this percent cannot be increased nor decreased. another note is that this ability shouldn't hurt the gaming device, even though it has the word malware in it). passive- When downed, (framename) will be broken, but will automatically pull itself together. Can happen 2 times per mission. Last note- If possible give it a glitch sound effect when casting a spell. I think it would sound quite satisfying since it goes along with the frame's theme 🙂
  3. Although I'm not the brightest on ideas I think I may have one that can be interesting. warframe is mostly based off of physical damaging characters, of course there are other warframes that are mind based (like nyx, but she's garbage, let's face it). A warframe that is based off of nightmares would be most interesting, and no I am not some edgelord who want his beings to come to life. Make the model a male with some type of cloak (AGAIN I am not am not an edgelord I just want to see how the idea goes) and along with the cloak give the model a ghostly appearance. Maybe half the torso can be a ghost half. Make the description go among the lines of "from the reaping depths of freddy kougar rises a frame that'll make one question their own sanity". (Just kidding, change it up to be more warframe realistic) but if I do know one thing it's this Although I know the decision has been made, imma put more ideas,stats, and abilities here because it's fun. His name is Deimos First ability-HORROR:(25 energy drain)Deimos lets out a painful scream, resulting in the stunning of enemies for (at max rank) 20 seconds (at rank 0) only 10 seconds. When doing this, he fills his "terror gauge" this gauge allows him to become more "terrifying" obviously. When the gauge reaches a max of 20, Deimos evolves by not only changing his appearance, but also reduces damage done by enemies to a maximum of 70%, and reduces the likelihood of Deimos being shot by 40%. Deimos has to evolve 5 times in order for these stats to apply. Each ability grants a certain amount of terror. His one grants 2 terrify, his 2 grants 3 terrify, his 3 grants 4 terrify, and his four grants 5 terrify. During the scream he gains 35% extra armor and 20% extra sprint speed. The sprint buff can be shared with allies second ability:DARKNESS:(Initial cast is 30 energy, energy a second is 3.5)Deimos becomes shrouded in darkness ( so he is pretty much invisible). For every second spent in the darkness he gains an additional 15% damage bonus, and stack up to 90%. When Deimos leaves this mode he inflicts a slash proc on all enemies within 20 meters. The initial slash proc deals 400 damage. Deimos will also have 3 seconds of invincibility, and in that time, if he gets hit, Deimos will let out 1 dark clone of himself to take that enemy into the abyss. Initially instakilling them. Third ability:DREAD:(inital cost is 70 energy) Deimos lets out 3 individual clones, each holding a different weapon (one is holding the player's primary weapon, the other is holding the player's secondary weapon, and the last one is holding the player's melee weapon. If the players does not have a secondary, then the game will auto choose which weapon the clones have. So if the player has only a primary, then the three clones will have the same primary. However, in order to make it balanced there should be an additional 40% damage reduction from the weapons on the clones) all in which are shadow weapons. The weapons deal a base of 25% less damage than that of the player's initial weapons, but these clones do not have energy drain, and have the exact same health, armor, and shields as the player(the clone's health and armor can be increased through power strength mods). Enemies that see the clones are consumed in fear, and have a 25% less chance of hitting them, and start to slowly back away from them. Fourth ability:THE GOD OF TERROR'S TACTICS: (cost is 100 energy) Deimos becomes enveloped in a wavy semi-oval. The oval goes 30 meters wide. He swallows enemies within that range (a base of 20 enemies can be enveloped. A max of 40 can be taken, each enemy takes an additional 2 energy). Deimos takes these enemies into the abyss and casts out a horrid scream so terrifying that it deals toxin damage. It deals an initial 3,000 damage, and since the enemy is so deep underground, it also deals 500 heat damage. When the enemy reaches the surface again, cold damage will be inflicted because of how hot it was below, finally inflicting a blast proc that does 500 damage. In total this ability does 4,000 damage. Base stats Energy-300 at max rank Health-450 at max rank armor-250 shields-300 at max rank Sprint speed-1.20 I had fun making this one, if you guys ever need more of our ideas, feel free to ask, I'm sure this community is hoping for you to ask us again 🙂
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