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  1. Count me in-I have completed an arbitration mission
  2. operator, my censors have located new friends... operator I'm so lonely when you're gone, please help me get new- SCRAP METALED PIECES OF SHHHHHHH- friends
  3. boy I wonder what character he's trying to act as from mortal kombat
  4. Glitch-Fires a projectile with glitchy effects. Explodes on impact dealing 500 slash damage. Each enemy effected by the projectile grants the frame 5% more ability strength. Can stack up to 55%. Has a duration of 40 seconds. Break-The frame throws a spike at an enemy. That spike will automatically expand and hit any other enemy that is nearby. Lasts for 15 seconds and deals an initial 750 puncture damage. Up to 5 enemies can be effected. Bug- The warframe explodes and hurts anything that is within 20 meters of it. Enemies effected by this slowly start to turn malformed (as a visual effect). Deals 125 damage per tick and initially does 1,250 damage. Malware storm- A tremendous amount of void energy is released, dealing 1,500 damage. Small molecular sprites hover over enemies dealing 250 slash damage per tick. Has a range of 20 meters. Allies effected by this will gain a 200% damage boost (note that this percent cannot be increased nor decreased. another note is that this ability shouldn't hurt the gaming device, even though it has the word malware in it). passive- When downed, (framename) will be broken, but will automatically pull itself together. Can happen 2 times per mission. Last note- If possible give it a glitch sound effect when casting a spell. I think it would sound quite satisfying since it goes along with the frame's theme 🙂
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