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  1. My apologies for the late response, but took your feedback and immediately got started on the research rooms and such. Though, with the actual resource requirements available now, I feel it'll take a very, very, very long time til I can acquire a railjack unless I expand my clan. Thanks again for the advice though!
  2. Thank you both for the help, I think I'll do that. I thought that may be the better option but it felt a little daunting. Does anyone know what's required for the dry dock yet?
  3. Hey there fellow Tenno. I've logged almost 190 hours into the game and play pretty often, so a few months ago I decided I wanted to make my own clan since I thought it'd be fun to build my own dojo and prepare for railjack on my own. It started smooth, a friend of mine joined and we were planning on going here to the forums to recruit, to make it the best clan we possibly could. Long story short, life sent me some curve balls and I suddenly no longer had as much time to play Warframe as I used to. I'd already built some rooms and decorations in the dojo, but it had died before it even really was born. I realized in the long run it would be better to just delete my clan and find an active one to join instead. That's why I'm here now, I don't want to waste all the resources I put into my dojo and I'm sure someone out there would like to have a free clan, so might as well. Anyways in short, anyone want Wings of Lua?
  4. Like a leaf in the wind, my elegant Wukong Prime and his stache drift away, feeling the movements of the aquarid narta pass through him.
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