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  1. Not that I'm aware of. That said though even if it were, the report as you leave the void should do that.
  2. On completing a railjack mission and entering the wormhole - Mission Report. On exiting wormhole into dojo - Mission Report. On exiting dojo to orbiter: Mission report. Can we remove the middle Mission Report please? The reason I ask is that having decorated my dry dock I'd prefer to arrive to that scene rather than yet another redundant mission report. Thanks. P.S. Yes, also to show off as I return :P
  3. PS4 - No keyboard / mouse to try - Madurai: Eternal Gaze won't unbind - Blue dot top left of screen.
  4. Yes, and while the keys don't drop, DE middle management get to artificially inflate the playing stats for railjack. It's the exact same reason the 'sisters' go through the granum void.
  5. May as well call it a golden shower for all it's worth. The range on the ability is less than eyeline. You can regular jump further than it leads you. It is utterly useless if the object is more than spitting distance away. The area is barren: Just like DE's concept of a 'reward'. Fix: Make it able to lead us to a somachord in the Vallis and you might be getting there.
  6. Okay so example: Ruining Holokeys in the void. Used to be 6 - 8 hits = 1 dead enemy. Less as the multiplier increased. Now I'm looking at 20 - 30 hits for a kill, reducing to 15 - 20 as the multiplier increases. I agree that in the Origin system, there is little difference but when you hit lvl 60+ using crit build the difference is VAST.
  7. Kind of. That is certainly a part of it. At the same time, it encompasses the things like the Fulmin nerf, the catchmoon nerf, the Saryn nerf, etc. It's aimed at the lack of (my) will to embrace a new 'character' after the one I really enjoyed has been 'killed off'.
  8. I disagree. The main melee build I have used to rain red crits throughout the steel path. It was less effective in origin path (because of it being based on the multiplier) but would still eat the enemies whole. Now, even on 12x, red crits are maybe one in 20. That's not slightly.
  9. Recently I was asked if DE should stop making content and my first thought was - Of course not. That said, I got to thinking about the most recent update and I posed myself the question: Would I be happier with all that came with the Sisters update OR having melee the way it was? After a whole lot of thought, I would rather have melee back. Of course if you replaced the above OR with AND I'm all sorts of happy. There have always been updates that nerf things when new content comes out and because of this, Warframe for me has achieved 'Game of Thrones' status. GoT got to the point where most of the characters I cared about are dead and I can't see the point of re-investing because they'll just die too. That's where I am with Warframe. I'd happily go without further content just to maintain the benefits I currently have.
  10. just spent 17minutes in mission with not a single coolant spider spawning.
  11. I had hoped that this would be addressed in the update but no. I can't say I'm surprised but for some reason I'm still disappointed. To see how it was going I tracked my larvling spawns as I tried to get the new three. They went like this: Bramma begat Hek. (Woot, HOPE!) begat Quartakk begat Hek begat Tonkor begat Ogris begat Karak begat Nukor begat Chakkhurr begat Nukor begat Seer begat Tonkor begat Bramma begat Ogris begat Hek begat No Spawn (Waypoint sh!tfu@kery) begat Bramma begat Ayanga begat Karak begat Hind begat Chakkurr begat Brakk begat Seer begat Hind begat Kraken begat Ayanga begat No Spawn (Waypoint sh!tfu@kery) begat Hind begat Zarr (WELL FINALLY) begat Zarr (so much for no two in a row spawns) begat Nukor begat Ogris begat Kohm begat Hind begat Tonkor begat Seer begat Kohm begat Grattler (Finally. The THIRD.) Thing here is that compared to some experiences I have heard from other Tenno, this isn't bad. Let that sink in for a bit. So. Potential fixes: A. (Preferred) Make 1 weapon available in the Vey Hek Assassination. This allows for guaranteed spawn that will also allow for easy use of Valance Fusion to get a feel for the benefits. That leaves 18 weapons to be dispersed over 6 Grineer planets (including the void) with high enough missions. 3 weapons per planet. While this forces Tenno to go all across the star map it dramatically reduces the useless grind, makes the Lich weapons more collectible, the use of Valence Fusion much more likely but still (predominantly) allows Tenno to run the missions they prefer. B. (If we have to) Allow weapons to random generate but once rejected each weapon removes itself from the pool until a larvling is selected or the pool empties. Whichever happens first. C. (IMO to easy) Attach each weapon to an individual mission. I am sure other Tenno will have more ideas on how to fix this but I'm fairly certain we will all agree that it needs to be fixed.
  12. If I have all 3 requiem mods, in the right order, can I send a level 3 lich / sister to the proxima, vanquish them and still get their weapon / Ephemera?
  13. Pre Mission. The thought of going into combat, by choice, from a base with unlimited resources, with virtually no ordinance, most people with 5/8 of f**k all energy, a resource empty forge even though you have thousands of the required resource is, at best, suicidal. Just thinking about it angers me to the point that there's ZERO FUN in any mission. Out side of 1 wf mod, there is nothing you can do about this. That's just crap. Crew. Forge crew - You have one job. move from forge to forge resupplying all the things available there. FAIL they don't resupply ANYTHING. They may as well not be on board. Gunnery Crew - You have 1 job. Shoot. 50% FAIL. While you do shoot occasionally, it's not nearly enough. Ship protection - FAIL. even though you have the best weapons I have you can't kill anything to literally save your life. Missions. I just spent 1 and a half hours opening 3 Axi relics. Not because I needed anything from the relic. If I need anything I'll go run an origin capture for under 10 min to get the same result. (I Hate the time sink of the missions) Not because I needed resources that are only available in railjack and in no other place in the entire game. I have so many of them it's ridiculous. (Stupid empty forge.) Not because I need jack parts. (Although I must admit the now Endo is so much better than Dirac) Not because I need jack mods. (Filler to make it appear a player has been 'Rewarded') Not because I want to rank up weapons. (Taking rank up equipment in solo will mostly just get you killed.) But because I am FORCED to. (so middle management can show off 'stats' of how much their jack'n is loved.) After all of that, the one thing I was actually after (Holokey) which supposedly drop at a rate of 35.7% (or once every 3 missions) still didn't drop. (Because DE's RNG is programmed to be CRAP!) I can not wait to get the required 160 keys so I can once again drop jack'n faster than the bucket of sh*t it is. Then there's boarding parties. Shooter crew cant kill them on the way in and with the amount of enemies deployed I've cracked relics from simply repelling borders. As a solo player that's NO FUN. Fixes Each time a mission is started frames get a 1 time boost to full energy. A railjack starts with 2 'missiles' and gets a +1 for each planet cleared OR forge starts at LEAST half full. If you allocate a crew member to do a thing they should do the thing. Have a mission in each proxima where a reasonable amount of ship killing is the only task. (Solo mission time under 15 min. ships drop reactant in void storm.) Lower numbers of enemies in boarding parties OR Starting with the pre update numbers add a few with each player in the team (crew don't count.) Do ALL of that, and you may make railjack bearable.
  14. Hounds Feedback: As Enemies & Companions As enemies -Meh. Give me my melee back and they'll be bearable. As Companions -Useless. Seeing as there is no current way to determine how they are even made to gain MR, doubly so. Also, It would 'seem' that the moduals they may or may not drop will require grinding out so many more unwanted liches that it may even exceed the amount of grind required when you first introduced liches Sister Tenet Weapons So far, epic amount of grind for virtually no gain. Just like lich weapons. Murmur Reduction Nice. However, all the added grind in the combat after the melee nerf counteracts any initial benefit. New Requiem Mod Oull Meh. Would have been nice under the lich system, but fairly useless now. Parazon Rework Useless. By the time I even see the marker through all the 'effects' that I can't turn off so I can see, the enemy are dead. New Kuva Lich Showdown Flow Horrible. I have killed so many damn liches that now having to kill it at lvl 5, then go kill it again at level 5 is you just adding crap grind to make up for the grind you tried to suspend with the murmer reduction.
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