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  1. As for mods - Railjack - Aura, Ironclad matix - hyperstrike, Conic Nozzle, Forward Artillery, Overloader, Revo Reducer, Section Density, Artillery Cheap shot, Ordnance Cheap Shot - All Maxed. Voidrig - Efficiency, Continuity, Hydraulics, Blitz, Streamline, Refuel, Redirection, Intensify, Flow, Vitality, Repair, and Augur - All maxed. (exact same build that I could solo 15 orphix in one mission during the operation.)
  2. Harsh? I don't think so, because: No longer start with full armaments - nerfed and Harder. Tycho seeker now does less damage and can be fired less on available 'flux' - nerfed and Harder. Missions do not clear fighter escorts or crewships after completing required kills - Harder. There are more varied 'to do' things inside missions - Harder. The railjack can no longer sustain damage and without 'crew' would instantly fail - Nerfed and Harder. Enemy fighters able to take more hits - Nerfed and /or Harder. Hull breaches happen faster than they can be fixed - Harder. Easier - IF you have cr
  3. Straight to 9. Have 3 crew. It's the only way I was even able to disembark the jack. without them, the mission would have failed as soon as I left the ship.
  4. So I just attempted my first solo railjack mission. what an absolute WASTE OF TIME. I literally got NOTHING because I Failed. Did I fail going in and blowing up the freighter? no. Did I fail going into the crewship, getting lost because the waypoint markers wouldn't show me where to go? no. Did I fail doing the mobile defence missions? no. Did I fail doing the assasinate the commander? no. Did I fail the Orphix venom, with the first orphix, because the nechramech that I could solo kill 15 orphix in a row during the operation was KILLED IN SECONDS and I couldn't re-summon bef
  5. I just spent 40 min in Assur on Uranus. Took my Nekros and Smeeta and wandered about for 40 min. On viewing Mission Progress I had over 40 000 polymer bundles (which is specifically what I was after) At the end of the mission I was 'rewarded' with a mere 4,490. WTF????? I'm so insanely angered by this!
  6. So the original premise can still hold true, DE would just have to make it the some formorian / Armadas can actually get through.
  7. So the destroyed relays on Venus (Vesper), Europa (Leonov), and Pluto (Orcus) are all just 'painted on for show' and were never actual functional relays?
  8. I have heard tell from 'older' players of relay building events. As I understand it, if to many relays are destroyed from 'failing' Formrian and Armada events then a rebuilding event occurs. Assuming that's true - Today is login day 714 for me and as far as I'm aware the PSN Tenno have not lost a relay in more time than that. ( I have no idea about the other platforms. ) I'd like to suggest that as a 'reward' for say, every 12 months, of not losing a relay an event could be held to rebuild a destroyed relay. Then if all the relays remain built for a further 12 months perhaps a reward of
  9. I have collected all of these and leveled them to 40. That said, being somewhat a glutton for punishment, I decided to give the whole Valance Fusion a try. I have lost count (at around 30) of how many runs I've done trying to get a larvling to spawn with an Ayanga. Sure you can no longer get the same thing twice in a row but it can spawn Brakk Ogris, Brakk, Ogris.... The RNG on this is ATROCIOUS! My fix for this is relatively simple. Apply the same code you used for the Barro / Inaros quest that allowed a 'reward' to be gained only once and apply that to larvlings. At worst this wou
  10. Yeah, I was thinking the multi story rooms were the issue, hence the extended elevator idea.
  11. Yes, the map floors overlap. EG: On the first floor, the map still shows the dry dock, Inspiration hall and Clan grand hall from the floor below. I have found this an issue when I try to find my way around featured dojos so I am trying to avoid it as I build mine.
  12. With the new dojo features upcoming does anyone know if there is an extended elevator either on the way or on the planning board? The reason for this is I want to add a second floor (going up) but when I do the map overlay still shows some of the rooms on the floor below, which is what I actually want to avoid. I'll use a down elevator if I absolutely have to but it will mess with part of the overall concept I was going for. Also, if at all possible, I'd rather not use a teleportor 'workaround'.
  13. So yes, I have builds that I can button mash / 4th nuke my way through missions. Yes, those kills are easy. Then you have Phase 4 of the Profit-Taker on Orb Vallis. This is arguably one of the harder bosses in the game. It's at least the one requiring the most planing and tactics. I can beat her too, but I don't unless it's for nightwave. There's an entire map where all the enemies are +100 lvl etc and after unlocking it once I don't go back for my own purposes because I can get through the grind easier on origin. Hell, I got bronze vitality mods on steel path Sedna! As for harder bosses
  14. I still play co-op. With my friends. We have group roles, tactics, formations, we plan out who's doing what damage, who might need to scrub, carry or be carried. It's awesome fun! That said, we do it on psn voice chat, because warframe voice chat can't carry a full sentence to save it's life so if we get a random joining they're left out in the cold anyway. We don't set ourselves to public half of the time because we are tired of being dragged into relic missions without a relic because inexperienced players followed the on screen instructions (this has been a problem for YEARS!) or failing
  15. I'm getting really tired of hearing this catchphrase so if you think it's so easy here are some quick steps for you to follow: 1. Sell off your Warframes / weapons that have forma in them and replace them with zero forma builds. Still to easy? 2. Take off all your mods. Lets face it, no one complains that acquiring Grendal is 'to easy' do they. Besides, if you think killing enemies needs to be the hard part, you're probably not playing Warframe, you're just spending Plat. The actual hard part as you progress through the game is getting anything of actual value to drop. Fo
  16. Nearly every time I see posts from the Devs regarding weapons they always include trying to encourage players to use more of the weapons that are available. The main reason I don't is the focus trees. After 2421 hrs of in game play, I have completed 2/5 trees and am well on the way with the other 3. That said, I am only that far because I rarely change weapons (or frames for that matter). The chances of having Lens blueprints drop is ridiculously small and for those of us who had already installed lenses, upgrading to Lua lenses meant we had to start again from scratch. The fixes for thi
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