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  1. -> "Utility" -> Increases Critical chance ???????????????????
  2. That mod also has double negative on bows/crossbows, so it becomes -72% fire rate.
  3. Meanwhile, Hentaihaven.org is Ok. Yes, I saw a Kavat with that name.
  4. It's probably more, I can kill lvl 100+ Nox's with 4-6 shots in the body. Yes, the body. No exaggeration. The only weapon that managed to outclass it was Kohm (with a riven, my build doesn't need a riven). Edited: it doesn't cause 30k self-damage. My Rhino takes 1k at best on Iron Skin, and since Iron Skin doesn't have DR, it's the true value.
  5. Komorex for example is straight up ungodly, it's by far my strongest weapon because it can apply both corrosice/viral, while packing 30k+DPS or something. But the self-damage is unfair as hell, specially because I can end up applying viral and corrosive on MYSELF, guess what happens? I die instantly.
  6. Let's suppose all prices of general mods go to at least 3-5 plat. How the hell is that harder to earn plat if you're selling most items for 3-5 plat...?
  7. I thought about the consequences, that's why I defend this system. Maybe you didn't understand and I did? We can keep this cycle forever unless you actually stop posing, and show the actual argument for once. I have all the time in the world for it.
  8. That's an obvious statement, really smart ahn? Still, doesn't negate the fact that for me to sell things, it's a condition that I have to stop playing. Unless I resort to Warframe.market, which itself is a proto-AH. A game that encourages you to stop playing, top 10/10 game design. There's no way to not respond it with sarcasm, look at that low effort argument. "Promoting public interactions". -> You can do everything solo. -> Story mode is only solo. -> Supports are not necessary (the strongest indicator in a game if coop is necessary or not). Also, you didn't explain why an AH is exploitable because it is automatic. Claims alone aren't going to help you. I'm glad you specified that it was your personal answer. Like, you're not a messiah, in fact you're probably less relevant than an ant both IRL and in the Internet. So yeah, you don't have any rights to represent anyone anyways. 1- The post has like...1200-1500 views, if it didn't fit the Feedback tree, it wouldn't be there anymore by common sense. Also 9 days since the day I made this. 2- Trying to pretend that you can read my mind or the reasons behind what I did, sounds kinda lame when it's almost clear you got pissed off with the post. Noticeable by the low effort arguments and the masked attempts at Ad Hominem. So I would suggest you to just get over it. Learn to deal with different opinions, instead of getting pissed off for nothing. In fact, pretty much everyone except me ignored you because of your childish behavior, you should be glad you got your attention. Now walk off, kid.
  9. Host migration would never become so much of a problem if DE actually listened to people complaining since the beginning. It's a never ending cycle, EA, Capcom, DE, Bethesda, etc. They will only ever listen to the player base, when things get so problematic that the ammount of effort needed to fix the problem is higher than it should be.
  10. Could you do me a favor? Can you summarize all the stupid questions along with simple answers? I will edit the post and credit you.
  11. Tera (it doesn't actually let you trade Premium currency, BUT you can buy everything "premium" from other players with gold via trading, so it ends up in the same way).
  12. -> "insult me" -> The guy is attacking your idea, not you. Talk about victimizing yourself. A pathetic view. I won't "answer" any questions because you created them with the sole purpose of not being answered. You're talking about Y when we are talking about X and pretending Y has something to do with X. Strawman argument they call? I won't answer anything, it's a pretentious narrative. @FrostDragoon let's ignore this guy and keep going.
  13. Regarding your idea, I like it. Still, I would prefer if all passive effects from focus trees were all active together. Doesn't make sense to me that they don't.
  14. Regarding the energy issue, I suggested an energy regeneration system long ago, it was very simple. The problem with most things in warframe, is that the game oftenly sacrifices consistency for burst effects and that ends up bringing severe balance issues. A fixed energy regeneration on warframes (along with the removal of BS like energy drops, energy generators, and Zenuriik dash) would solve that very easily. It's actually what I use on my tabletop RPG system and it works perfectly. But people are more interested in making several stupid posts about reworking warframes that are ALREADY planned for it. Like, what is the need...?Or posts whining about condition overload.
  15. Only veterans benefit from the current system. Because they have more than 2000 consecutive days on their wallets to warrant selling a lot of rivens every time. I literally saw a guy today on my alliance get 3 rivens worth 500+ plat, why? He's been playing for a long time, no real effort at all for farming or anything, because the only way get a riven is from a daily mission. I have nothing against veterans though, just stating a fact.
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