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  1. No, but even if it were 15 enemies that would be irrelevant. Steel Path is a thing now, multiplayer spawn rate with 1 player, I can achieve 800k easily with my Magus Anomaly.
  2. Which also doesn't make a difference, because Iron Skin has neutral resistances, and It's immune to critical hits and also protects from status procs.
  3. "Iron Skin sucks" Me wandering around with 500k+ Iron Skin: Nanomachines, son. They harden in response to physical trauma, you can't hurt me Grineer!
  4. Rhino is actually very #*!%ing strong in the endgame, despite the minor nuisances. I can reach 200k+ Iron Skin constantly with almost no effort.
  5. That lasts 3s, and won't help you anyways on higher level missions because enemy accuracy was nerfed, the only way to ever make it useful would be to gather a lot of enemies and literally stand still next to them. And even then, you would be much better by abusing arcane tanker/health conversion + Ironclad, because the conversion is 1:1 and won't last long enough, you would spend 90% of your energy bar without even noticing, probably in less than 5 minutes. It's a 1:1 conversion, it won't last long enough. Nezha Ward is the perfect proof that it wouldn't last long enough, since it can
  6. Dance macabre is trash, not the other way around. They should fix that, not Mesmer Skin.
  7. Your logic is so trash that you ignored the condition on purpose to justify the narrative, you know that Rhino can't survive relying only on the immortality gimmick, just admit and stop making yourself look ridiculous. And that's solely because of shield gating, Iron Skin doesn't have infinite health. Nice conjugation, you C O U L D. Not relevant anymore. Yeah, say what you want, you're clearly demonstrating your Rhino knowledge lmao.
  8. Try to survive with only that against lvl 200+ enemies, no other gimmick, let's see how well you can do with your immortality. That logic can be applied to every frame, considering you can be effectively immortal as long as you're not stupid and move a lot. Not to mention that nearly all frames can become effectively immortal by your standards, basically any frame that has access to Arcane Grace and a lot of damage reduction can become effectively immortal, at least in between lvl 1 to 200. So, your logic is flawed again and by the way, frames with access to regeneration can actually b
  9. Iron Skin is not immortality, he can only ever become immortal on the mere 3s of immortality it has that are almost useless in most scenarios. Otherwise, he is not immortal because HE CAN'T SUSTAIN INFINITE DAMAGE, there is no "effectively immortal". The concept of "half immortality" or "near immortality" doesn't exist, it's just as stupid as saying "half infinite" or "half of zero". Now, stop spreading misinformation. This post is the most utter trash I've seen, DE needs to have a fact-check team to auto-remove these posts, they're not contributing to anything.
  10. Rhino is not immortal, he can't sustain infinite damage. Stop spreading bullS#&$.
  11. Roar? I was expecting Rhino to sacrifice Iron Skin. They surely know how to #*!% up with the hype.
  12. That is just a pseudo-argument people created to protect their precious Zenuurik. Energy is the main reason people choose Zenuurik over anything else.
  13. Your post is the literally the only one here that adresses the real problem: sentinels are trash.
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