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  1. I would prefer if every Warframe had 3~4 energy regen p/s. But efficiency could affect it, instead of affecting skill costs. But overall nice ideas!
  2. Should I really answer it? Like, seriously? That's a very poor logic, and you could get behind it by your own in 5 min if you actually put the effort into doing so. Also, when it comes to the DoT aspect, why put limitations on it when Life Strike can fully heal you in 1 hit? Players keep asking all the Fu!;#% time for buffs on status builds, and when they have the opportunity to do so they ask for LIMITATIONS.
  3. This excuse is very stupid, considering that you have to build around both Healing Return or Life Strike in order for them to work (a status build or a HA build). Also, most Heavy Attack builds nowadays don't even spend combo because lol rivens w/ +Initial Combo exist, and Corrupted Charge exists, you're uninformed. Not to mention that you completely ignored the difference in efficiency considering Life Strike will still heal you back to 100% almost all the times with 1 hit, while Healing Return won't. Your argument is not only bad, it goes straight up to the dishonesty zone.
  4. It's just crazy how trash this mod is now, recovers only 11 health p/status, most enemies die before you can even proc more than 1 status, or people just straight up kill your enemies without letting you hit them. Not to mention the fact that this mod costs 16 capacity and it's far weaker than Life Strike (not to mention that Life Strike will fully heal you 99,99999...% of the times, because Heavy Attacks hit for crazy high damage). There is NO REASON for this to be so weak, at least make slash/toxic/heat procs recover health everytime they proc like a normal hit.
  5. OP is kinda right. A lot of sets have mods scattered across different "locations", warframe, primaries, secondaries, etc. He actually has a point, the Sacrificial/Umbral sets not being the same thing kinda gives the upper hand to all other set mods.
  6. That's a weak argument to justify not changing that specific flaw in his design, all Warframes designed to tank have melee combat in mind, but Rhino is the only one of them that can't benefit from Naramon because that would mean not using Zenuurik and having to depend on consumables...
  7. TBH, I really think Rhino needs some kind of energy regeneration passive. He can't benefit from energy mods like literally ALL tanks of the game.
  8. I can reach 100k+ charging through 5 enemies, no Arcanes. It's the Ironclad Conversion Rhino build. Mods: Armored Agility, Transient Fortitude, Blind Rage, Intensify, Health Conversion, Iron Shrapnel, Flow, Ironclad Charge. Aura: any. Exilus: Power Drift. Mods necessary for your Sentinel (you'll need): Synth Fiber/Synth Deconstruct. How it works: those 2 mods for your Sentinel will help you get more health drops and to pick them (because you can't use them if you don't lose health), each Health orb up to 3 increases your armor by 450 (1350 total), charge through enemies, profit. Also, make sure to use Zenuurik because sadly, the only real downside of Rhino is how stupidly bad his energy management is, doesn't help that he can't benefit from mods like Rage/Hunter Adrenaline...
  9. None of these changes are really good except the second one. Also, they don't really outclass Rhino, SPECIALLY Inaros. The problem is that, most people don't really know how adaptation works, so they will suppose that anything that "abuses" it is much more tanky than something that doesn't. Adaptation only blocks 1 damage type per enemy type (because enemy types are tied to specific a weapon), and it's only the highest damage of the weapon. And the best is that you can test it by yourself, go to simulacrum and spam 20 enemies of the same type, you'll only stack 1 resistance unless they use a special attack (like how Heavy Gunners punch the floor). Knowing this, let's imagine an hypothetic weapon with: Damage: 100 impact/200 puncture/300 slash/400 viral. Total damage = 1000 You would reduce only the viral by 90%, the actual damage after reduction = 100+200+300+40 = 640. Resulting in 36% damage reduction, not so good anymore right? The fact is, Rhino can reach 100k+ Iron Skin without arcanes with a dedicated build, with something like 2x Arcane Tanker he can maybe reach 300k+. That's basically 300k true health, not to mention that people could already reach 1 million Iron Skin (just search on YouTube) before Arcane Tankers even exist...so, yeah, no. People don't study how those calculations work and they severely underestimate Rhino.
  10. I feel your pain, they nerfed my Broken Bull damage multiplier (Cleaving Whirlwind stance) to give us (Cleaving Whirlwind users) some bootleg mobility increase we never asked for.
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