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  1. When you try to do a wall latch melee attack, you are supossed to be boosted forward while attacking. As of now, the boost is inexistent, making it so you basically swing in place, making this ability a boring and counter productive one to use. Pls fix.
  2. Got some bad reviews back in the day because, well, it passed as another shooter in the era of the shooters. Rn i think its quite good. Reminds me of Re4
  3. Title. I personally just finished Dark Sector on xbox, and it was pretty darn good overall, severely underrated in its time if you ask me. So, if DE somehow gave Warframe a bit of a rest, and made a Dark Sector sequel, would you buy it? I say yes.
  4. Thats why i liked the arming distance. And its really a shame with akarius being so annoying because they pack one hell of a punch.
  5. Im sorry im not going to buy primed sure footed just so i can use akarius without it being a pain in the ass. The only way to use it right is as gauss with Kinetic Plating because akarius is so strong you can even stagger atlas with it. It was fine before, the Arming distance was only 8 meters at much, plus right now the weapon is bugged and it shows no explosion if you are not the host.
  6. as long as fatal teleport gets untouched, go for it.
  7. Hold up, did you seriously just try to dismiss my opinion by calling me a casual?
  8. it already has it. Press, the, button.
  9. No. just press the darn button again, instead of wanting to change the game, try adapting your muscle memory to it.
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