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  1. Thanks or the responses! -crawls back to his hole-
  2. So, some time ago i found some guys questioning about the phrase in Warframe: Ghouls "Im too damn old to die in a body i dont own" So, correct me if im wrong, she says that because she still hasnt payed the debt for his augmentation parts. (Sorry for horrible english)
  3. 9 Another good answer. But even, he wasnt even able to move his lower body in the life or death situation, i dont think he would be able to use traanference in that case, plus the operator didnt know that hunhow was in the sword
  4. Yeah, we know that tenno have limits. And we are not used to having a nuke minigun, is like the bosses.
  5. S#&$ you know what? #*!% it.
  6. Yeah, but, i asking for help about this. So i dont have to move this anywhere. Is there a way to delete a post here? I not going to ask for help in the english community again.
  7. Yeah, i forgot that the comunnity kind of sucks too damn hard.
  8. "I need help understanding the lore of this thing because is being more confusing than Evangelion"
  9. I already finished the sacrifice. One of my thoughts was that the warframe kind of awakened like umbra. And, the operator is not able to control warframes whitout the machine until the war within
  10. Sure but, the operator didnt even point his arm at the warframe, and is supossed that the operator couldnt use transference without the machine, even as a hint.
  11. SPOILER ALERT So, i have completed warframe main quests, i already ended up the chimera prologue, but this just hit me, in the second dream,, when stalker chestF***s you with his greatsword, your choosen warframe grabs the Hunhow's War and brokes it, fine right? But as long as i know, your operator cant control warframes at this point without touching them or being in the transference machine thing, how did this happen? Did lotus control the warframe in that moment? Or was a "Between-life-Dead"power awakening or something like that?
  12. Are you going to send another mag to shy? Is there going to be a visual rework/ upgrade on excal volt or mag?
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