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  1. I just wish they dont screw up the acceltra by following the remove arming distance idea.
  2. Sorry fir the nekros- ing but arming distance being removed was 100% a nerf.
  3. If your fun requires limiting other people's fun because you dont like what they are using, then there is a problem, and a really stupid one. Almost as stupid as hating a Volt casting speed on you as gauss. Lile the #*!% was that dude about.
  4. Says the dude that cabt comprehend that your fun is not the only one that matters.
  5. How comes that, that thing has never happened to me? Neither as volt, nor gauss, or even as gauss with a volt and wisp. I call bs on that.
  6. And also i dont want this to turn back into a pointless argument. If you dont like my idea for an augment share yours here. And try to think of a better name than mine.
  7. Ngl ye those ideas are pretty nice nonetheless. Also, i was so picky that i actually checked the speeds. And took the time volt and gauss took going from one side of the saloon simulacrum to the other. And a 2.50 sprint speed gauss was 0.30 seconds faster than a 176 strenght volt with 1.40 speed. My bet goes that the FoV makes gauss feel way faster than he is. Also, in terms of pure straight line speed, zephyr and hydroid are the fastest.
  8. Still dont understand how can it be so game breaking that you want to not be able to play with that frame just because it makes moving faster.
  9. What does that have to do with anything? I also have vision problems but that doesnt come into play here. How is it possible that your entire cordination goes to hell because you are moving slightly faster.
  10. So basically, people here have 3 functional braincells. Nice. Cmon, i love it to have extra speed. And when someone else gives me speed is even better and i love it.
  11. And yes, you are locked in an animation while rushing. You cant attack, reload, crouch and can barely jump.
  12. And still real life physics dont apply to anything here.
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