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  1. If you see a fire here then that's because people are going after the OP instead of addressing the issues brought up. It's entirely possible to enjoy parts of a game and despise another. I absolutely hate that craft times are so long in Warframe, but I still think the gameplay is solid. I wish there was more of a challenge without having to stay hours in a mission, but I still enjoy testing out new gear. 2000 hours doesn't mean all of it was bliss.
  2. Interesting that many of the comments in this thread is just dismissing the OP instead of actually addressing what was said. Imo, this was a fair review, OP stated mostly things he/she disliked, but also gave props when it was due. "270 nodes split between 10 mission types, the highest you will go on the star-chart (Mission progression map, sort of) is level 40" This is one thing I dislike about Warframe too. It's fun running around feeling like a god killing everything in your path, but actually having a challenge without having to sit in the same missions for hours would be nice. I think Warframe is a solid game but has issues, here's to hoping with Destiny 2 going f2p there will be some competition encouraging DE to seriously think things through and heed player feedback a bit more.
  3. I think the better alternative would be to make folks actually want to play conclave and make grinding all the different factions fun. Only then should they maybe look at tweaking the universal medallions imo. Even if they remove them now, if people were barely doing these activities before because they just couldn't be bothered, I honestly doubt that'd change once they removed universal medallions.
  4. Kronsh Locti-visicron +77.3% CC +114.3% Range -63.1% Status Chance Plague Keewar Plecicron +106.5% CC +117.1 Critical Hit Chance for Slide Attack -58.6% Slash Both are max rank and vazarin polarity, can message me here or in-game if interested
  5. I got the Ephemera but didn't get Nekros, I watched almost the entire stream. I think I missed maybe 5 mins of the beginning but I was there for the rest. Edit: Rebooted the game and got Nekros in inbox.
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