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  1. Not exactly “this topic” but tennobaum doesn’t have a comment tab. Is that only IRL money and plat gifts that get the donation or no? I could see gifting credit things for a couple hours for the right cause but only money items would be logical but D move
  2. I like seeing new content but I can watch whenever for argon crystal is my only issue. And it’s digital bribes lol. 200 ducats does nothing bad to their profit and we get a free beacon or something of our choice to sweeten it
  3. Not if it’s trash no one wants to start with and you can get multiple in 5 minutes in almost any void mission
  4. Honestly it’s not bad as is especially when they fix the need for the right joystick. Pull it out, toss it real quick for back up CC and then smash your combo counter up stupid fast and throw out the disc for WAAAAY longer duration than it had prior these changes. I get it’s no longer instant full use but it’s overall better which I feel matters more. I mean not even max ranked pack leader makes your pets ALMOST immortal with it as is either way
  5. What’s old blood? I usually try and help my brother when we play but this would cut our play time in half so I wanna know if i should watch it to know what’s up or catch it later when it’s rewatchable
  6. Agreed. Might then see he could really use a rework. I like him fine but he’s not near being best at anything in particular. Atm hes a weak version of the new wukong
  7. This is my first time seeing prizes for... random comments? Can anyone elaborate on this. I’d appreciate it
  8. Any chance we can get a time or timer on atlas prime access? I got some things going on and want to know when I can acquire it if possible
  9. My brother doesn’t have a custom board so I tried helping him look. Can’t find any either... I mainly opened this to ask as a noob when the next prime access/prime release should be? People seem to have said before it has a schedule but is it approximately ever 3m? 6m? I highly doubt a year
  10. I gotta ask meteor whip? I got the wukong access and got the ninkondi prime with it but it’s not a whip so confused what his signature whip is. Didn’t see it last I checked in the codex either. Figured I’d ask
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