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  1. I've already finished it for my friends for many times. The range + status + (crit augment) wukong (only 2 forma on staff) with berserker + condition overload you can reach 900th point. Take a pet with you which has a enemy radar mods on it so you can easily see where is the enemies and you can run through them to kill. I don't know if the event still continue but if you haven't finished it you can try this way because the only requirement is wukong prime and 2 formas for staff. (I suppose you to use corrosive and blast elements) Note that: Of course there are many other ways to complete this event, with a good team you can easily farm for a long time but this is the one of the quickest way to finish it solo while you can forma'd a weapon 2 times on ESO in 5 mins. I chose wukong because it's weapon already speedy and has high crit + status chance you can reach 100% status and can have 25% crit chance (+Primal Rage augment stack) so you can stack up berserker and that increase your attack speed for 75%. But if you have a nice status melee you can also do that with it but don't forget that wukong has a death protection so if they catch and kill you you can still continue to kill enemies without losing second. (While seconds very important for that event)
  2. Honestly I haven't played Nightwave Season 1 so I am really glad to have a chance to earn rewards from first nightwave. But on the other hand, the people who did first nightwave should rewarded with different rewards, because I am thinking if you put Season 2 rewards on 3rd intermission I could get demotivated because of losing rewards. So maybe if someone has an item the rank gave can be rewarded with 50 cred points or anything else. Also I am just curious about why that nightwave has 60 ranks like seasons, because intermissions should be short runs but you can't reach 60th rank on short run. So does that mean that nightwave is a long run?
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