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  1. I thought I have same problem, but seems like nightwave capped at 60.
  2. Same issue here, I wish they will fix it with this evening update.
  3. Sorry this topic is on PS4, same issue on PC too, I get here from Google so haven't checked the category, sorry.
  4. Same bug here. I already finished both of them, I get completion warning two times but when I left from mission I see that both of them reset to 0.
  5. Toroid farming isn't working at all. I went to farm sola toroid to rank up on little duck, and I only get 8 celda toroids at temple of profit. No sola toroid. I also tried lab to farm some toroid to see maybe you change their locations but I get none there.
  6. Same here, I tried to farm Sola Toroids and it drops Celda Toroids at Temple of Profit. I need sola toroid to level up on fortuna, I just get booster to farm more toroid but it's totally not working...
  7. Daha önce yapıp ban yiyen birisini tanımıştım, affediyorlar bir kere yapınca ama ban sebebi evet.
  8. Aslında kamera hiç ortada olmadı zaten, hep sağda idi, sola geçince tekrar sağa alınca öyle değilmiş gibi gelmiştir. İkinci sorunun için kontrolleri varsayılana döndür düzelir.
  9. It was capture for my language before, I checked it now again and it seems like fixed :u 🤯
  10. Of course this week is very challenge... Catching rare fish is the hardest quest of the Warframe, it takes 30 seconds from your life, searching 6 rare stones in fortuna? Of course it's really hard to find them, takes max 5 minutes to get them. Searching that unnecessary and stupid flowers, mosses, frostleafs are really challenge too, takes 1 hour to get every materials to craft potion, and it takes just 5 mins to finish 3 silver grove quest. Killing 30 eximus is one of the hardest challenge, it takes 5 mins to finish. And I can't tell any word for 3 capture mission, you know how hard they are. Anyway, after explaining this week's very challenge missions, can someone tell me how to finish that level 30+ capture mission without detection? Because I use Loki's second skill and go invisible until see target, but when I get close the target I haven't seen by enemy or they aren't alarmed, but target start running and every other npcs get alerted and I killed him and capture him without detection but my quest still not completed. I guess it's because they get alerted after target start running. So if anyone finished that quest, can someone explain me how to do it?
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