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  1. I would say at this point if you believe they are not aware. Just send private messages and let them know. https://forums.warframe.com/profile/869879-dedanielle/ But if that's the case I'd doubt they check their messages either. I mean home girl had like 1100+ messages in her obiter inbox. "Unread messages make me ill" - Ordis
  2. I gifted my friend a Warframe slot. They just wanted the extra slot from Nekros since they are f2p. I'm annoyed by the lack of communication.
  3. This image says that the code SIMARISDISPLAY gave both. It's why I'm confused.
  4. Cringe: DE giving out loot to people who didn't support the stream and ignoring the people that did support them by watching the whole thing. Harsh. PS. I got everything but the glyph. I got the display but did not get the glyph. Did anyone get both?
  5. Yes it is at the top of the in-game News notifications. Again, Did anyone get the glyph from the SIMARISDISPLAY code?
  6. No one cares about this post un pin it. It's obviously pinned to hide the tenncon 2019 post. Disgusting.
  7. Did anyone get the glyph from SIMARISDISPLAY? I did not. The pop-up said we would get the display and glyph. I watched it live for the loot. If I didn't care about loot I would have watched it at a later date. DE needs to be more responsible. Now they're making us watch another stream for the drops we were already supposed to get.
  8. DE take notes: If you have almost 1 million subs, yet only 8 thousand people watch your streams it means your content sucks.
  9. Don't support these people with your money yet. They owe many tenno promised loot and have not followed through with their word. As it stands they are frauds. Tenno Con-artists 2019.
  10. Marduk in the Void has the best drops per minute if you bring two ciphers. It can be done in under 4 minutes and drop at ~6.25%, which is much quicker than the twenty minute, C rotation from Mot which drop at ~12.5% https://tenno.zone/drops
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