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  1. A Vaudeville act done by grineer slaves for the entertainment of the queen. It'd be catchy but unsettling. Like some Bioshock S#&$.
  2. Aging Frame Frame starts out with high levels of energy and speed, but only has one ability. As the mission goes on they get less energy and slower, but access to more powers. Until you hit the end of the time limit with an ancient frame with high damaging abilities, but is extremely slow with very little energy.
  3. I can guarantee you the overall of Helminth will not be touched for a good long while. DE has not mentioned anything about changing the helminth system.
  4. Drinking the paradox bath water is strictly forbidden.
  5. It would be great if they gave it the kuva hind treatment and let you switch between firing modes so you can have all of those ways to shoot. Not gonna happen, but it'd be pretty cool.
  6. I think you'll either have to get a new xbox to keep playing, or bite the bullet and start over again. It's definitely easier the second time around. Or third in my case lol, I've had to jump from Xbox to PS4 to PC. It's definitely not the preferred way to do it, but it's the only options we as players have at this moment.
  7. Kuva Krokhur and the Twin Krohkur, those weapons are stylish as hell and would love to see them get a stat boost too.
  8. I still think he is us from the future, our character is a walking paradox, so i can see us existing in two places at once. Just us at different ages, but it's hard for our operator to comprehend that due to our lack of knowledge on the void. But I can also see it being some poor soul lost in the void.
  9. And we're getting Robo Dogs like Blade Wolf from MGR, don't know if its intentional but anything similar to Platinum Game's assets fits perfectly into Warframe.
  10. Literally just got to that part in the stream, what timing lol. I too wish for Plague Star, never got to play it.
  11. Is there any moment where the Sentients interacted with the Infested? Maybe they don't like their chances against them? Or maybe Fass and Vome set differences aside in cases of invasion and the Sentients don't have a way around them.
  12. I think this happened before? Like it capped at 5 spawns and people reported it to DE and they fixed it. Maybe it happened again?
  13. Sevagoth has a lot of flair, which is great for fashion frame. I wish Reap flowed a tad bit better, Sow could really use some more visibility just so I can tell who I've hit (just thought about it and that might be on me since I turned down effects to be able to do void storms, will check later). Gloom is fantastic, decent range makes guns able to heal efficiently which is a plus. His Ult is pretty fun, the way you pile enemies up and wreak havoc on a dog pile of fodder is very satisfying. I just wish his shadow was faster. Overall I really enjoy him.
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