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  1. Please add an option to disable Held Heavy Attacks. Weapons with high attack speed randomly activates held heavy attacks while doing the normal combo which ruins the combo counter.
  2. Based on my experience with melee weapons, the reason spin-to-win is a popular strategy is because it is a very consistent way of dealing damage and also gives a lot of mobility. After a certain point, melee weapons ends up being able to 1 shot most enemies, which is why spin-to-win with it's mobility will let you move all over the place killing enemies with the least effort possible. If you really want people to stop using spin-to-win, add combos for all weapons that will let the player to move fast while dealing consistent damage. Even without maiming strike, spin-to-win is still the most effective way on long range weapons. I have Gram prime with a good riven on it but i still prefer my Cassowar because of it's range, attack speed and the mobility the spin-to-win gives with it.
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