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  1. After resetting my controller to default, everything works fine in scenes 3 and 4. Although a pain to remap custom settings, this fixed the issue for me.
  2. I had this same problem with crime scene 3 and now with crime scene 4. No completion, no rewards.
  3. Tried again now that scene four has been released. Still impossible to exist scene three after completing puzzle. DE hasn't resolved the issue nor responded to my ticket that I opened on this problem. *sigh*
  4. Not yet and I still am experiencing the same problems. Just tried contacting DE directly with a link to this bug report and a screenshot of my completing the puzzle.
  5. Tried again after Inaros Prime update. Same problem. Solve puzzle. Neither circle nor options button will exit weave. Have to use PS4 button to end application. Puzzle progress lost. Please fix as there is no way to advance NW3. Thanks!
  6. Although found all clues (circle button still doesn't end inspections, but menu button ends inspections), entered the weave and solved the puzzle, now can't exit the weave without using the PS4 button to end the game. Neither circle nor menu buttons will exit weave. Pleas fix. Thanks!
  7. I'm also experiencing controller circle not working to exit any inspection. No buttons work except PS4 button to take me out of the game and have to close application and restart Warframe. No clues get recorded when I return to the weave (e.g., different plush toy each time). Please fix because no progress with Nightwave puzzle is possible. Thanks.
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