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  1. during the last objective in a meso void storm on saturn the door before the radar was green but wouldnt open we tried leaving and re entering and it still wouldnt open. there was no consoles left to hack to unlock it even though it was already unlocked ive also had this happen in normal missions too.
  2. I've been doing Neptune Void Storms and noticed when i select a Neo Relic in a Neptune Neo Void Storm when other people join me theyr selecting different relic tiers that arnt Neo tier. I had 3 people join my game and they all selected Lith tier relics in Neo tier Void Storm. I know other people that have said theyv had the samething happen to them in their game. I dont know if this is specifically only for Neo Void storms or if this happens across all relic tiers. I know this problem happens in normal Void fissures cos I reported it a year ago
  3. there were no vents or markers for the vents during volatile so the heat bar went from 0 to 100 with no vents and we failed mission
  4. idk what this is but i literally cant see anything also NW overlay bug still not fixed after new update stayed frozen on screen for the whole mission unable to remove it image
  5. when i clicked on X to reset points on crewmate screen the controls froze and none of the buttons or controller sticks or cursor would work. i tried disconnecting and reconnecting controller and they were still frozen/bugged i had to press home menu and close game to fix it
  6. The 3rd mission for Sortie was Operative Defence on Sharpless Phobos and it took us 1hour to do 10 waves. The enemys were all bugged in the spawn rooms I would run into one of the smaller rooms and see 10 enemies standing there not moving or crouched behind boxs. Operative Defence shouldnt be a mission type on Sharpless Phobos its way too big and took us way longer than any other normal Defense mission would.
  7. i was trying to sell prime parts at the ducat kiosk and i got this buggy black screen had to close game cos it froze. https://imgur.com/a/Nt2boD9
  8. during phase 2 of the exploiter orb fight i destroyed the 2 vents on the sides of her head and then she got perma stuck in repeating the same mortar cannon attack over and over again she never slammed the ground once and no thermia fractures opened so i had to extract.
  9. i don't understand how controller players are ment to hold her 1 ability down to hover and aim at the sametime?? cos if we have to hold down the B(NS)/A(xbox))/X(ps) buttons to hover with our right thumb we can't aim?? its the same problem that happened with necramechs hovering and aiming with controllers at the sametime. i hope they read or realise this issue and find a solution for controller players.
  10. **black screen bug - 10th december 2020** ive been getting a flickering black box on my screen since update 29.5.5 in the kuva fortress survival mission it also happens during the kuva spy and kuva exterminate missions i dont know about the other missions black screen bug **update - 26th december 2020** i just did an axi fissure on sedna and i got black boxs on the screen during mission **update 29th december 2020** the bug is happening in sorties for me **update 16th january 2021** black boxs on screen du
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