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  1. Some general tips: -Don't build anything that is not mkIII gear, its a waste of time -Kill Crewships quickly as they can tear through your ship quickly as well as being the source of boarding parties (Cy has a spicial voice line for when they spawn as well as having a unique icon), the game does not make it clear as to how to deal with them: 1. Exiting your railjack and going into archwing entering via a door at the back and destroying the reactor (this is your only way of dealing with them at the start) 2. Enter the forward artillery (unlocked at gunner rank 5) and shoot t
  2. Then the question becomes what forces the boss to move into its next phase? Because if its damage you only need as many shots (assuming its all oneshots) as you have phases if you have no invulnerability and the alternative of phases being timed results in waiting around for a boss to perform an animation just for you to one shot it and going back to waiting which isn't fun either (I'm looking at you Sargas Ruk).
  3. Out of interest how long should DE make boss fights in warframe for a player with good gear: -On the star chart -In open worlds -How should DE go about achieve these times considering how much damage a player with a well thought out build can do?
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