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  1. You aren't wrong. But my thought is, if you have to tie two separate things together to use it, it should prevent it from being meta unless its fd up to the point you make the pairing meta. As it is, weapon exilus slots are almost ignored anyway. besides, i still think the way around balancing and metas is to fight it with fun. If everything gets balanced enough to at least be usable, fun things can override broken ones. in your average mission id happily go out of my way to turn something into a maggot spam gun if they let me rather than the best possible TTK. but you absolutely
  2. So I had either a stroke of genius or... well just a stroke (I'll let you decide) A set of augment mods for Exilus slots for both Warframes and Primaries/secondaries. General augments to slot into any Warframe that work with a specific weapon. Such as a mod that works with the Pyrana Prime and either gives it an alt fire button for summoning the spectral pyrana at the cost of energy, or one that adds warframe ability kills to the kill count for activating the guns ability. Likewise, similar mods could be made for Trumna and its related weapons that either make the altfire work off
  3. my battle mods keep not showing up as usable options once in missions as if they were unequipped. also every now and then returning to dry dock i cant access the railjack console
  4. Hint hint, wink wink DE. The more fashion slots you give the more money i willing throw at it
  5. I'm sad to be killing off another operator fashion for these new cosmetics... We badly need operator fashion slots D E F that everything else in warframe got (and id always encourage more fashion slots in general) Please DE Help save my operator's wardrobe
  6. Could you do Koi no Uta from TONIKAWA: Over The Moon For You Please? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cv1Y2chJRWM
  7. i know they are retired, but nightwave is a great place to drop the old arcane helmets, even if they arent useful, they are fun to collect. works well for any old loot honestly
  8. now that i found out the Eros wing ephemera works on operators, and with revenant and zephyr deluxe operator cosmetics coming out eventually, can we please bump operator cosmetic slots up to F like everything else in the game?
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