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  1. Is there a way i can move posts to a different section?
  2. It was maxed, but the other pet i made wasn't maxed so it stopped me from guilding the maxed one until both were maxed
  3. Just made a post for that too. It didnt happen to me with the dogs but its happened almost everytime with the fox as well
  4. I think its just when you have two pets and both aren't guilded
  5. I didnt experience it with the dog but i have only leveled and guilded one, but the Vulpaphyla have a bug with leveling them that i assume is tied to their larva form. I've leveled 4 at this point and its a pain. So entering the Isolation vaults will reset their level but only while in the mission after you enter the vault itself from my experience. After leaving the isolation vault the level it had before i went in would be restored. Though while trying to level them in Elite Sanctuary Onslaught i have had multiple times where they didnt keep the levels gained. I've had them go from 0-30 and
  6. Yes im rank 3 with the place in deimos but it was the dog not being max ranked that stopped it. I just maxed the dog and now i can guild them both. Not sure if that is intended or bugged but its fixed.
  7. I got the cat and its max ranked at 30 but its not letting me guild it despite having the standing and the tokens needed. I made the dog before trying so maybe its bugged due to that but i've never had this problem with other modular items.
  8. I have it installed but nothing is popping up
  9. I can't even answer the questions because chat is in slow mode and i get stopped for sending too many messages when im just answering the questions so i just got locked from chatting for 14 minutes
  10. Why is it limited to 30??? I want more damn it..
  11. couldn't get any help but im done trying anyway
  12. I know though the only ones i have are for my favs khora and nekros but i did get two or three for hydroid. I've given up. Tried the revanent + broken scepter combo and got down to two minutes and lost because of lack of life support drops and gave up because i was only getting him for the collecting purpose but many have said he isnt worth and i'm tired of trying especially because im only on the survival part and i can only imagine what im in for on that defense part. So imma pass once he gets a prime i'll get that instead.
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