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  1. I can agree with that. His Shadow is so strong that I'm tempted to just try it, but then I'm playing with a frame that can be fairly easy to kill if Gloom isn't active and I'm not going ballistic with my attacks
  2. I actually use Quick Thinking on my Sevagoth build. It helps quite a bit, and gives you a few extra seconds if you're under heavy fire. I tried Adaptation but it felt next to useless on him.
  3. So, this may or may not have been mentioned already but I haven't been able to find anything on it so: Sevagoth, to me, is tied with Nidus as my favorite frames. I only have one issue with Sevagoth. Even though it's a rare occurrence, his passive needs a bit of a work around for on thing. I enjoy playing steel path missions, and he's fun to use against the higher level enemies. But when clearing a room on, say, an exterminate mission, and you clear almost all the enemies except for 2 before getting killed, you have a problem. You can use his shadow to eliminate the 2 remaining enemies, but that leaves you missing 3 to revive with his passive. There's been several times I've died repeatedly because I couldn't reach a room with more enemies in time. I'm not sure if there's a way to avoid this (besides not using him, I s'pose). I was just wondering if this would be fixable. If I get a response from anyone, thanks in advanced. If I get a bunch of elitists claiming this and that, can it. I don't care if you think your play style or frame is best. I use pretty much all the frames depending on my mood.
  4. Just had an instance of this but not with kill x enemies within the specific time frame. It was the PoE with the 'Eliminate all enemies, then keep them from entering the area so they can't capture it'. Normally, I can breeze the Bounties. But on occasion, I have the percentage drop even though there aren't any enemies in the area. I flew around it with my archwing and still couldn't find anyone. Yet I failed the bounty cause no enemy was actually present to eliminate, unless they were in a cave system below the point that I don't know about. Which wouldn't make much sense as the enemies it asked me to clear before holding the point were all above ground. Really annoying to fail a 5 part bounty when you physically can't stop it.
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