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  1. My ps4 already has downloaded the update (its copying now). Don't have a ps5 though.
  2. No it hasn't. This has been out on PC for close to a month now. What's new about this? some skins? a single wf and weapon? 3 new enemies and 2 new objectives? some bug fixes? It doesn't take THAT long.
  3. You forget inaros trying to eat a glass enemy and never actually eating it
  4. Probably (and hopefully) next time. Pretty much a guarantee its gonna come out in the next two unvaultings, the one after this might be hydroid and friends, then loki and probably volt with loki.
  5. I also didn't get the bp like many other ppl in this thread despite watching for more than 30 minutes, can we have something for that?
  6. Same, can we have a bp drop too? I watched for over 30 minutes but didn't get mine.
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