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  1. as a "vet" (honestly I hate using the term) I think the melee changes are a wonderful breath of fresh air. I feel there is more depth and interaction with your melee weapons now. (granted some stances still feel shallow, especially ones that only had two different combo's prior to the update... I think some more work needs to go into some of the existing stances to be more interesting like other stances) granted I'm not one of those players that does 5 hours of endless missions or fight lv 150+ enemies on the regular but I do, do sorties and Kuva lich missions which do have higher level enemies (70+) and to be frank the new melee changes has had me confidently use weapons that I'd never consider for even that level of content with minimal issues. Yes it was a little bit of a "wth?" when I first played the update myself but on the whole I feel it is all an improvement. yes I'm a little annoyed I need to relearn all my memorized combo lists and some of my "go to" weapons but honestly, I think its good. using the same things over and over makes things stale.
  2. boy that's quite the patch notes so far I'd say things are really good though my one gripe with the melee changes... you can't throw the wolf sledge anymore ='( EDIT: nevermind its bound to a whole new key now. may be worth mentioning "heavy melee" as an actual feature and different button press since there doesn't seem to be mentioned anywhere in the combo lists
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