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  1. You mean, while waiting for the corrupted enemies to spawn making it a normal Railjack mission but you have to wait for enemies to spawn?
  2. I'll have to agree with everyone else about void storms, not worth the time and not fun, it's just a normal RJ mission that takes longer because I need to wait ages for the corrupted enemies to drop enough reactant to open the relic and has no special rewards apart from sevagoth and epitaph parts. Considering UP 30 was a major update I'm greatly disappointed.
  3. Just want to address that this still happens to this date. It seems to only happen when playing solo. This is just one of the many reasons I don't like playing railjack even tho I love the idea behind it.
  4. I'd like to address that this isn't fixed yet. This is a really minor bug and shouldn't be a priority so that's probably why it's still here, will probably be fixed in some near update or hotfix.
  5. Can we get one year of no replies from DE?
  6. I agree with this. - Sigils should be kept for fashion reasons. - There should be a button for selecting the syndicate just as showed and it would apply to every Warframe. - The extra percentage from sigils should be applied automatically when you get a higher rank. Can't see a reason for it not to be like this already.
  7. Self stagger is just too annoying when using high AOE weapons like Ogris and even Bramma with Primed Firestorm. Heavy Caliber makes it almost unbearable and the enemy density in higher level missions makes it almost impossible to not knock yourself down. "Just learn to not shoot close to yourself" if that's the case why remove self damage? Self stagger is just a nuisance and applying that even to late and end game is really annoying. Cautious Shot should become untradable and have 100% chance of reduction at max level, that way only those who don't have arbitrations unlocke
  8. I was going to make a suggestion thread for this, but it seems like I won't need to. I totally agree, I don't understand how this isn't a feature after so long, it's the biggest reason I don't use the mobile app that frequently.
  9. The information about the ship's decoration just needs to be streamed after every other essential bit as it's just for decorative purposes. I know the data needs to be streamed from the server, but only the ids (or w/e they use as an identifier) and their states and coordinates on your ship, the game will be responsible for the rest. It wouldn't affect players if everything is sent asynchronously and the user's computer meets the minimum requirements. You'd need absurd amounts of different decorations for the stream of data to take a long time, DE's servers are more than capable
  10. I've heard many times that the limit is imposed to prevent lag on the server, but... I'm the server, and I'll at most just lag my own game when I come back to my ship and only when I'm at my ship. There should be a higher limit and I'm making this thread just because I can't continue making my stupid cacophony of eidolon articulas because they cost 100 each and I've reached my limit with less than 15 articulas. Please, I need to make my ship unbearable for human eyes, you're not helping me out on this one.
  11. This is getting annoying, this doesn't happen to me but happens almost every 3 or 4 missions with one of my squad mates, it's getting very very annoying and the only solution I've found is triggering the menu to be reloaded by inviting him to my orbital or anything like that. I'm very confused as to why DE hasn't fixed this in so long. For more information on the bug there was another topic a while ago, I just made a new one so I don't necro the old one.
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