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  1. Sorry meant like punch through^^
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    Boltor Prime

    Hey was there anything about that weapons if it will get a buff or anything? I mean "Assault Rifles" are in general a rare sight at "End-Game" content and the Boltor Prime is a super example why. I mean I love the "Look" and the handling of the gun but it really seems too weak. E.g. shoots got travel time, poor crit. damage+ chance, overall damage is about underwhelming and of course the huge reload time. Cant we just buff assault rifle by adding at least 0,5 puncture and lower the reload times by appr. 15 to 20% ? I mean other weapons types got at least aoe damage, high damage in general and such. Really I tried every Assault Rifle in the game and they are just not really good and Iam really tired of playing just Zarr, Opticor, Fulmin, Rubico, Acceltra and such. Please take a look at ARs in general 🙂
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