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  1. It's supposed to mean that lvl 100 enemies can be killed with stug if you want. Also currently i do have 101% crt chance, +200% multishot and 98.?% status chance on vectis
  2. I don't quite agree with that. Even if Viral applies after damage, with vectis it's still pretty powerfull Status effect for it. Don't get stuck with lvl 100 enemies game provides you.
  3. Hey! Just wanna make sure i'm not completly wrong on how Status effects apply. As vectis having high status chance easily hitting 100% and high crit, while only being single shot weapon though you don't easily think of viral damage. And i know Viral isn't the strongest damage type and is usually paired with slash. But i was wondering does the Status effects apply before or after damage pop? As if it applies before, Viral would essentially double the vectis damage?
  4. You weren't giving an opinion. You were just crying about headshotting
  5. She's the girl that will seduce you and then give you every disease known to milky way
  6. Oh snipers like Vectis or Rubico can easily pull out most kills. 😄 Obviously they're not Saryn, ember or tonkor but still. 😄
  7. I was thinking about using it in conjuction with Ivaras 4. Basicly use her 4, when energy starts draining to a certain point pull out sniper to restore and repeat. 😄
  8. I'm not even gonna take this one seriously. All i can tell you is, learn to headshot. In PvE game that's furthest from difficult. If you don't know where it is. Simulacrum.
  9. I think you're underestimating Snipers a quite a bit. They're actually pretty damn good and destroying hordes of enemies.
  10. Hey! I need opinions of what you guys think of using "Sharpshooter" mod in snipers?
  11. Note that it's only visual bug though
  12. With new Ivara deluxe skin. while i'm invisible when i first zoom in with Rubico and kill enemy i loose my head and attatchments. After getting out and back in and zoom in and kill i loose the entire ivara. (She's technicly there but now she's completly invisible to me too.
  13. Haven't payed much attention to her Artmis bow as i build it with pretty regular Crit build (I'm sure there's better builds for it). But i noticed how low her crit chance is. I mean sure 25% base crit chance isn't that low. But when compared to other bows. It's actually quite low. And i fail to understand why is it so low?
  14. I wouldn't say too easy. They have definatly tried to ramp up the difficulty but i would say it's still pretty easy though. Imo hard enemies should be considered to be 250-300 lvl enemies not 100-125. Atleast with current scaling
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