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  1. Check the ripline change proposed, it keeps the ripline as is but makes it usefull.
  2. I feel like this one would be better as a Paralyzis replace
  3. You're currently even with currently able to stay in hysteria forever
  4. I don't really mind Valkyr being changed, Mostly i'm scared of the fact if she changes too much from Valkyr i "fell in love with". Ideal type of rework for her (atleast imo) would be a limbo type rework if you remember that one. They completly reworked everything about him yet still managed to keep him the same. From my point of view, Valkyrs identity has always been a massive armor, attack speed and claws. I have never seen Invulnerability as part of her identity and atleast personally i was always against it, even back when they first added it (it wasn't always there). However that core
  5. True, the 2nd function is kinda bad. No, no it is not a problem. Debuff has never been the main point of the ability anyway. No one would not notice if it didn't even have the debuff. To the first part, i don't know how i would respond to that without going into my hours between both of my accounts. 2nd part that is just not true. But i am open for change to it. No, it doesn't need a complete overhaul, just a bit more of a revisit. And redesign of a stance. I'd recommend checking Yamazukis idea (on a 2nd page incase this goes to 3rd), as in my opinion that's really good
  6. I never understood why they nerfed Night form dmg reduction to 75%, should've just kept it at 90%.
  7. I feel like those changes would completly change her, that armor buff is a big part of her damage reduction (while you're outside Hysteria) that's not something i would remove. Her invincibility is something that kind of needs to get out. It's a ability that is practicly impossible to get right when it needs to be balanced in game. I would recomend checking what Yamazuki suggested (the one above you.) Atleast personally that's a suggestion i really like.
  8. And people here wonder why i have no desire to explain or answer to anything properly anymore.
  9. 🙄 Try it, even elitists might find it better than just group mentality.
  10. Short answer, quick sharp turns.
  11. It's more of a change that can be applied in a single patch as a side thing and doesn't really take too much of other frames attention time.
  12. Ripline is fine as is, it's a fairly good mobility tool. (Before you get all pissy at me because of it that seems to be a trend in this post for somereason, learn to use it). Warcry has a long duration (not to mention duration is infinite with augment) and really solid buffs, it deserves the high cost. Old perma channeling melee was quite weak due to scaling way differently. Now days that can be made work. Do you want DR? That big lifesteal isn't enough? How about a buffed healthpool then as a tradeoff? On top of that in a long run, the channeling cost is cheaper. PS. why would you want i
  13. This is a kind of discussion where you need to leave the subjective arguments out, yet you keep bringing them and using subjective arguments, over and over and over again. "White-knighting a frame" You mean someone who has way too many hours on a specific frame trying to explain you how abilities work and that really are useful and only getting subjective arguments back.
  14. And how would that little change make it mandatory? This, enough said. (as in proving my point)
  15. At this point i'm just gonna assume you're a troll... You don't realise it yourself (aperently) but everything you're saying is just going into Subjective territory.
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