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  1. The one bug i hope you guys don't address is the massive kavats, so funny seeing that still to me XD
  2. I feel like actual plat purchases should get a random noggle too 😞 (restricted to only like the unvaulted frames though)
  3. My wishlist would be market sale on Armor Sets, Palletes, All Formas, and catalyst/reactors. But dont see that. 😞 That and the Octavia Maestro/Nidus Phyrke bundles XD
  4. Does this address the ui getting completely stuck when leaving a crewship? unable to do anything but force close the game?
  5. What was that part about Wisp about though? Fulmin fix?
  6. First Tennobaum for me...seems kinda disappointing. No market sales, no actual event ingame? I get its for charity but still... 😞 Also operation plague star when? Started just after the last one 😞
  7. My question is why not just make the warframe twitch co stream the thing to save the confusion?
  8. I think they said you get it again back on the devstream? So, i guess so?
  9. So no vaultings happening with it this go around? Or is that still coming lol
  10. If you go to the game awards site it mentions "Please check here closer to the event" under the watch thing But I imagine theyll post again next week or the day of
  11. I had to relog after getting it for it to show up. 🙂
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