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  1. Try learning how to mod. Also try getting used to the game and its systems before trashing it. Thank you. You can always use your ranged weapons, which means you don't have to touch the enemies at all. You can play by your own pace, but this is a F2P game and you cannot expect everyone to play like you. Personally, I prefer this playstyle, and it is very enjoyable to nuke 10 enemies behind me and proceed to bisect the 3 in front. Stop trying to make this game into something it isn't. Stop complaining before you even test out all the systems, and try all the weapons that might suit your playstyle. And, if its still not good enough, play another game, because Warframe isn't a game for people who want a high skill ceiling or care about planning and logic. If you expect people to do what you want, that's just toxic.
  2. Go to Trading Post-PC, not here.
  3. On forums. You made a topic, which was locked. Are you seriously going to post on an unrelated thread? The moderator gave you very clear instructions, follow them and wait.
  4. Never heard of that. You are the most toxic person I have met so far, if you count the entire playerbase as horrible and expect people to do everything you want, especially when you hardly understand the game.
  5. Perhaps its because you are spamming.
  6. C) They realize that most of the loot is extremely abundant and they do not need to pick up every single resource, and they realize killing enemies quickly is a much more effective way of finishing the mission. I think if you play Warframe a bit more, and without any expectations for how players "should" play like, you will have a much better time.
  7. From what I've heard, after stage one, you wait until Nightwave Part 2 to access stage two, and so on and so forth. After you complete everything, replaying doesn't yield extra rewards.
  8. They're on a whole new level.
  9. Damn, what was the build?
  10. Let me introduce you to the Warframe Nexus App, available on iOS and probably Android. Look it up!
  11. This would be very good, from the perspective of a relatively new player. Often times when I am on WF I need to look for help from people, but I can't find a good place to start. Recruiting is too "professional", region has way to many messages, and my Clan chat is good, but not everyone can have one. Hope this would help all the other new players out there ^__^
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